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Comment by Anna L. Walls on July 18, 2012 at 3:07pm

I don't write horror so I can't tell you if there's some sort of line one shouldn't cross. I'm thinking those who are fans will say no. Then again, the hard part is painting the picture with words.

I saw your post but it was a bit long and I'm choked for time these days. I'll try to get to it though.

Comment by David Kilama on July 19, 2012 at 9:30am

I do write everything including a lot of children’s stories, especially short stories and a few TV series. I later shirted to writing sophisticated stuffs simply to satisfy my imagination and creativity. I used not read my own writing because I found them boring. I always wanted something different, extraordinary and magical. Once I watched an interested movie, I always wanted to imagine beyond it. What I used to do at the beginning of my writing. What do you enjoy writing? Tell me about your world.

Comment by Anna L. Walls on July 19, 2012 at 2:39pm

I live in the wilderness of Alaska and work at a fishing lodge during the summer. That leaves my winters wide open for writing, theoretically. However, now that I have internet, it seems I spend more time advertising and socializing than writing these days. But, I've got several stories I'm trying to get out there so I suppose it's only right - I just gotta spend less time of FB when I'm not socializing. hahaha

I write fiction/fantasy after a fashion. Pretty much whatever comes to mind. Currently I'm publishing things along the line of a medieval society - a sword-wielding society, but that's not all I write. Early next year, a space-faring type story will be coming out.

Comment by Alexandra Butcher on July 19, 2012 at 6:32pm

Sounds interesting Anna, and I know what you mean about the facebook. 

Comment by Alexandra Butcher on July 19, 2012 at 6:49pm

There are few blog sites that do free reviews and suggestions. There may even be an online editor somewhere. Good for you for not giving up

Comment by David Kilama on July 20, 2012 at 7:04pm
Hello Anna, how are you doing? I have been thinking about this for a while and I need your advice regarding it. My big brother passed a way in early 2000s. He was a writer too, extremely talented and his big dream was to make it to Hollywood, the reason why he was specializing in writing Hollywood stuffs. I do remember one day I red one of his fascinating TV series, Skull war lovers, and later he wrote, Skull war zone, and several movies which now belong to me, tittles like, Blame it on technology, dangerous suspects, the candle pot etc. He knew how I write movies and TV series, would have been a terrific movie director. You are already a ware that my big problem is writing my stories. Should I start with publishing my late brother’s work? I always wanted to start with my writing since it is my world.
Below is an excerpt from one of his movies, Blame it on technology, to give you the picture of what I am talking about.

JUSITH AND DAVIS are outside the house seated at the table by the swimming pool.
DAVIS: I am still shocked about your car.
JUDITH: I desperately want a new one. As an actress, I have got to make myself busy-oh-yeah! Davis, how about we make a movie?
DAVIS: You want me to appear in a movie with you? I don’t know anything about acting.
JUDITH: (Triumphantly, and in a sexy voice) I can teach you to death
DAVIS: Teach me to death? What sort of movie? Where is the script?
JUDITH: It has got no script. Let us make a porn movie
DAVIS: Pooh-pooh-you talking erotic madness here! Pornographic movie! You play girl, me play boy!
JUDITH: I need the money.
DAVIS: That is enough Judith, love…

AT RON HENDRIK, his wife FIONA and their daughter JACKIE are inside the sitting room, JACKE seated on sofa and leaning on her mother.
FIONA: Jackie-Brad called?
JACKIE: Yes-(SITS UPRIGHT) He is now in New York and must be on his way coming back.
RON: Did Judith go out in your car?
JACKIE: No dad.
Instantly they hear a car outside the house. It is Judith in a fantastic posh car, a jeep which might have caused the earth. Jackie moves to the door way and can’t believe it. Judith steps out and takes a brief case- she is wearing a sexy dress, short and provocative and looks erotic.
JUDITH: Look Jackie! You are not going to believe this.
Whose car is that? (REACHES HER, KISSES HER)
JUDITH: It is mine- I have just bought it.
JACKIE: (DISBELIEVABLY) just bought it? It must cause the earth.
From where did you get the money?
JUDITH: Someone- a stranger gave it to me.
JACKIE: And you are wearing such kind of stuff? Daddy is around.
FIONA walks and meets JUDITH by the door way.
FIONA: Judith honey, you are back-
JUDITH: Yes mum.
FIONA: I am afraid to say you look absolutely erotic in that-
Well-sexy dress- whose car is that?
JUDITH: It is mine. I just bought it.
They walk to the sitting room.
RON: Judith- with suck kind of outfit should I say you are a briefcase tramp?
JUDITH: Come on dad-I am an actress. This is a recommended outfit for actresses.
RON: Actresses of your caliber? You are not doing the acting now, are you honey?
JUDITH: Of course not-I’m sorry- I got to change.
RON: What is in the briefcase?
JUDITH: Some good bucks…
JUDITH is somewhere and alone. She is seated cross-legged on a plastic chair. She is in that sexy dress and she looks extremely sexy. She stands up. A man drives a car and stops it nearby her. He gets out of the car, the brief case in his hand. Judith watches him as he moves to her….
Comment by Anna L. Walls on July 21, 2012 at 4:45am

I can't possibly tell you whether you should or should not publish your brother's work. You'd have to talk to someone far more versed in screen-plays than I am. Frankly, I find reading screen-plays annoyingly lacking in detail. If this sample were ever to be a movie, I wouldn't buy the ticket. Just not my cup of tea.

Comment by David Kilama on July 24, 2012 at 9:17am

Hello Anna, I would like to see a piece of your writing; you can as well email it to me, This excerpt from one of my children’s stories is shocking.

A cry for freedom (My poor beloved mom)
War is something terrible. During war, people suffer a great deal including innocent children relating to what happened to this poor child. We should learn to solve our political problems peacefully in order to avoid fighting and face the grave consequences.
…Mum is dead. The bad soldiers killed her. I came across her poor head lying on the ground under a big tree. The head is right here with me. You can see it with your own eyes. I can’t believe this is my mom. I just can’t believe it. This is too much.
I thought she was still alive somewhere and I were going to find her. I was very wrong indeed and never expected it in my entire life. She was beheaded. I looked for the body. The body was nowhere to be seen. I wonder what happened to the body. I was too determined to find the body and see it with my own eyes. Oh! Mom I’m really so sorry for what they did to you. How could they do this to you? You were so innocent. You don’t deserve it. This is so very unfair. Why this had to happen to you, us and everybody? What the hell is really going on? I don’t understand it.
I was on the run to get a way from bullets after me, a powerful bomb exploded, a huge explosion which pushed me off the ground and I became so confused, thought I had been crashed by it. When I finally opened my eyes, still feeling confused, had a baby crying, coming from a distance. I struggled to get up and later walked out of the place, listening to the baby crying. I later realized that it was no longer crying. The baby was still a live, came across her totally naked and busy crying, looking for her mother nowhere to be seen. I waned to help the baby but before I could get hold of her, a bad soldier, a woman emerged and I had to run. I didn’t go far, hid and watched what she was going to do to the baby. The baby needed her help, she was not willing to do it instead she made fun of her, opened her bag, pulled out a woman’s breast and threw it to the baby. The baby got hold of it with both hands and she was struggling to breastfeed it. She was filming it using her video camera.
A heartless woman continued making so much fun of the baby, removed an amputated breast from her. She screamed, cried and struggled to get it back. She walked a way with it, the baby crawled, following her, crying and trying to hurry up. The bad woman stopped moving, turned her head and looked at the baby in a distance trying to stop her. She threw it back to the baby, got hold of it and resumed the so called breastfeeding. This time the baby wanted to be completely a lone, a heartless woman to be far a way from her. A huge snake emerged to attack the woman. She opened fire at it, forcing the snake to go a way. The shots scared the baby, who cried for a while. The bad woman followed the snake, used a grenade to destroy it, scaring the hell out of the baby who screamed, hit the ground with her back, an amputated breast slipped off her hands, hit the ground and rolled on it for a while. The baby was crying, looking at the breast and struggling to get off her back until she succeeded.
The baby was so relieved an amputated breast was still a round; the bad woman was still around too determined to continue torturing the baby while filming her. She lighted a cigarette using the lighter, started smoking it and her phone rang shortly. She walked out of the place as she continued talking on the phone.

Comment by David Kilama on July 24, 2012 at 9:21am

I had to do something though I was so scared to death. I moved to the baby, her body tainted by the blood, attracting houseflies. My present wasn’t welcome; she wanted me to leave at once, chasing me a way using her left hand, her mouth on the teat. I kept telling the baby that we got to leave, take her a way to look for her mother supposed she was still a live somewhere so that she would be able to reunite with her and breastfeed properly. The baby remains unconvinced and when I tried to carry her, remove an amputated breast from her by force, made it worst and I ended up crying loudly. The bad woman was still around, came back, found me with the baby and opened fire at me. I ran out of the place in the confusion-bullets perusing me. A powerful bomb exploded, pushing me off the ground, hit a tree with my body and hit the ground with my back where I passed out having failed to get off my back.

I continued moving, came a cross a beheaded woman lying on the ground under a big tree and a dog was busy feeding on her breasts. I got carried a way and I even thought may be it was my poor mom. I was too determined to confirm it. The dog barked and attacked me. I had to run for my life, being pursued by it. I later stumbled and fell down, became confused again.
I walked to the other side of a big tree and I came across the poor head of my beloved mom lying on the ground under a big tree nearby. I looked at the head and got carried away asked myself about it and wondered whose head was that, by then I had no idea that it belonged to my poor beloved mom.
I was in the position to move to the head to find out. The dog that looked like my beloved dog emerged and walked towards us. I looked at the dog and I stopped moving. The dog began to bark for a while and moved towards us like with the intention of attacking me. I turned my body and walked out of the place while thinking about it. The dog picked up the head and walked out of the place, bleeding and I had to follow it.
The dog turned its head and looked at me. I ran after it. The head later slipped off its mouth and came down. It continued running leaving the poor head behind until out of my sight.
I moved towards the head in a hurry only to found out that of my poor beloved mom. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like a terrible dream (nightmare). It was completely shocking and I was speechless.
She was with my dad. I wonder where my dad is. May be he’s no longer alive just like my poor beloved mom. I hope dad is still alive somewhere. If I could find him, I would tell him what happened and show him the poor head of mom. Mom’s head has to be buried.
Mom was pregnant again; she was going to have another baby. She wanted it to be a baby girl, my sister. I wanted it to be a baby girl, too, according to my dream. She was really looking towards to having that baby. It was not meant to be. How terrible?
I love dad so much. He is my father. He brought me into this world. Dad loves to hunt ever since he was a kid, just like me. He used to go out to hunt, and he always kills. He had killed a lot of animals to feed us. My dad is a great hunter. He is so brave. He always teaches me how to hunt. We used to go out and hunt. I want to be just like my dad and even much better than him. I think I can do it. Of course, why not? It’s going to make me extremely happy.
Few days ago before the bad soldiers came, we went to the jungle to hunt and I nearly killed a squirrel. I missed it pretty narrowly. My dad killed the squirrel and I was so happy it didn’t get a way. I wished it were me who killed the squirrel. Dad told me not to worry. I am a brave boy. I will always be brave just like him. He said that next time I would be lucky enough to kill the squirrel. I was really looking forward to the next time.

Comment by David Kilama on July 24, 2012 at 9:23am

I was in the jungle with my beloved spear hunting to kill. I heard the bomb exploding, coming from nearby. It struck and scared me to death. I asked myself and wondered about it. I had to rush home to find out. I found nobody at home. My people had run away. There were some animals and birds in the compound. I walked towards one of the big houses nearby with the intention of entering inside. The door of the house was opened. That house was bombed and set a blaze. I became so confused. I thought I was already dead. I found myself lying on the ground on my back and sweating because of the terrible heat coming from the burning house. I got up and ran into the jungle in the confusion.
The bad soldiers have come. Houses set ablaze. Everybody is being killed. Our jungle was once beautiful and full of nice things but now it is completely different. You find dead bodies everywhere. The jungle is full of the unbelievable (horrors). Why are they doing this to us? We are so innocent and don’t deserve it.
I wonder when this is going to stop. I want it to stop right away so that those pretty lucky ones still alive, like us, remain alive; otherwise I really don’t know. It is like a very bad dream indeed, pretty scary. You wake up and scream just like my awful dream that scared me to death the other day. It tried to tell me something. Now I can see it. This is so unbelievable and absolutely something else. Why is this happening to us? Nobody is spared even young children like me. Why are they killing innocent children?
I have to go. I have to follow my beloved dog. I got to find him, to make me feel at least better, and my beloved dad...? Oh dad, you got to be alive somewhere. I need to find you. I also love my mom very much. She was a good mom. She used to take pretty good care of us. But now she is already dead and far way. Mom will never come back. Never, she is gone forever. Poor mom, dad and us. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I will always love her very much. She is my beloved mom forever. Nothing will ever change that, nothing.
I have to run. You wish me good luck to find my beloved dog and dad and continue to escape from the heartless soldiers. I’m appealing to the god of mercy to help us or else we are going to be finished…

This story portrays the reality on the ground. In Africa, terrible things happen during like civil war. It is one of the reasons why I decided to create a huge TV series, Dangerous world (The victims of northern insurgency) where I come from and my poor people suffered tremendously during the bloody insurgency for many years, in the IDPs camps and in the hands of the rebels. The TV series will tells you all about it and much much more.


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