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Nuff said, I made this, this, this, and this. It's very easy to use and there are plenty of tutorials on the site. And my artistic talent is worse than Picasso.


The first deviates heavily from Kaiyo-Saioti's usual design which involves a flexible crystal armor grafted to her skin, and Kaiyo is also far more petite, having the build of a slender 15 year old girl. The green thing in her hand is raw chaos energy, but she prefers hand to hand combat over sorcery. That's why there are no weapons on her, because her armor IS her weapon.

The second one is Rena Lanford, who I have written some fiction about. She is one of the most important characters in my setting due to her incredible lifespan and level of power. The arms were posed manually, you can see I didn't do it very well.

The third is Ashton Thagoras Mylkos as a demilich. I'm aware the proportions are way off but it's intentional. Demiliches can inflict fear just by being seen, but they are usually no more than a hand or a skull, which isn't that scary. The displaced proportions invoke a small primal fear making her look slightly disturbing. Yes, that's a She.

The fourth is my best in my opinion so far, Lasunala L. Lutz VI VI, I tried to make her look as disorganized and as noisy as possible. When I describe Lutz, I point out she wears more belts and bandages than actual clothes and is very crazily dressed. I couldn't make any belts around her chest look good so I did away with it, and found that a bare-chested look suited her far better than the belts. In a later revision I moved the tattoo and added a nipple which took far longer than it should have. Even though she is a mage. The green energy thing is straight from the D&D books, a high-level spell called Hellball that basically burns, electrocutes, corrodes, and freezes everything in a specific area all at the same time. She normally doesn't have a tail or visible winds despite being a demon, but I added them anyway and it looked damn good.

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What an interesting website.  Did you write the tutorial?  You know what is also in the alpha stage that you might find interesting is  is open source and free.  I didn't try it yet.

Nope, I didn't. For something in alpha it's as stable as a Japanese condo, just has performance issues really due to excessive amounts of vector which can quickly slow something down due to how vector works.

It has a bit of a learning curve but it genuinely is very easy to work with once you learn a few tricks with the designs.

I've used Hero Machine before too - it's a pretty simple way to get a basic design out there if you can't draw. I like it.

Cool site! Thanks for sharing.


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