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Since forever I've been rank on Amazon at arount 500,000 out of 750,000.  When i sold 1 book I went up 3,000 points on Amazon's ranking.  When I checked this morning I was ranked 82,000 up 420,000 points from last night, yet no sales are registered.  Has this happen to anyone else?  If this is a glitch you know about please don't tell me for a couple of hours, I'm too busy day dreaming.

Lord Skyler and The Earth Defense Force

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Its all a mystery to me. But I am hiring a PR company to promote my book series shortly . I will pass on any tips that will help!


Enjoy the journey.

I think I figured out Amazon's ranking a bit more.  My ranking jumped from over 500,000 to 82,000 because I sold 1 book.  That tells me that from 82,000 and up are not selling books day to day.  I wonder how many books you have to sell a day to get under 50,000 Amazon ranking?
That's interesting, Matt. I've been watching your thread wondering if you'd had any more insights on that. Thanks for the nugget of information! :)

UPDATE on ranking on Amazon Kindle,

Once I hit 82,000 I would drop 8,000 to 15,000 points a day.  On September 6 my ranking shot up again from around 400,000 back up to 71,000.  The last 4 days I've been sliding back towards that 500,000 mark.  Amazon recalculates its sales on Friday.  They haven't shown that I've sold a kindle book but they also are only putting up the results before 09/06.  I think it will get to my book recalcutating on Sunday or Monday. 

If you find out anything more on the subject of Amazon ranking please let me know



Thanks for the feedback on Amazon I am sure many authors will be helped by your info. Me included! Its all a bit of a mystery to me.
On Sept 9 my ranking shot back up 300,000 points.  It dropped back down after 4 days and then shot back up close to the same ranking I had on Sept. 9. but Amazon said I had no sales.  They emailed me and said that the ranking is also based on how other peoples books are selling.  So if I didn't sell any books on the 9th and the 13th and my ranking went up 300,000 points I guess that means more people didn't sell as much as my book didn't sell those 2 days.  That doesn't sound right to me.  Has any one else try to figure out Amazon's ranking system?

Ah, it's full of anamolies I think. I wrote a book on spirituality and art (I mentor artists) which somehow has been classified as 'religious art' (hate the very thought of that) and is at #2 on the Kindle List!

I'm gobsmacked, but also kind of underwhelmed!


But to further answer your question, yes sales of any size will raise your rankings for a period of time. Then when your sales slow down your rankings fall again to mid level. Its a see saw effect. Up and down, up and down.

Tags, likes and discussions help greatly. As do a reasonable number of good reviews (at least 6).

Sales seem to be the prime driver though - a steady stream more effective than a clump.


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