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Book Excerpts belong in the Groups section, not the Forum

Please don't add them here as we have a special section for that. Go to instead and add it ther…

Started by Kay ElizabethLatest Reply

Read before posting here PLEASE! Check the Groups tab FIRST

There may be a Group already related to the topic you want to put on the forum. If there is, add the discussion to the Group, not the forum…

Started by Kay ElizabethLatest Reply

Duplicate Content Rules reminder! Short version: Don't do it. Please.

I'm going to be blunt, my fellow scribes: some of our members are hurting us. Sad but true. Every single time a member posts content here t…

Started by Kay ElizabethLatest Reply

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There Is But One True City Of Sanctuary Part Three

Written By: F. John Surells As I sit amongst these empty chairs, time’s reflections filter in through the glass that’s near me, and settle…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Feb 17

There is But One True City Of Sanctuary Part One and Part Two

Written By: Rashon Leyf (Part One) and Orlon Braem (Part Two) PART ONE Today, if not in a verifiable realness, then at least in a satisfyin…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Dec 22, 2023

Cliched Codes: I'm Not A Teenager Anymore

Written By: Co Vet I’d like to begin these words by thanking Mayor George Jennifer and his, as he terms them “supervisors from other earthl…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Nov 11, 2023

Multi Man

Written By: George Jennifer (Part One) and F. John Surells (Part Two) PART ONE It is with some sadness that I inform you that this forum’s…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Oct 28, 2023

Polar Bi

Written By: Anonymous God! I feel free today – as free as the sails on the fake windmill in the backyard But I’m fearful of those liberal f…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Oct 14, 2023

My Synthesis Of Vaguely Related Parts

Written By: Marshall Lawe PART ONE I wonder how many people can truthfully say they’ve never said “Today I’m starting over?” Well, I’d like…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Aug 30, 2023

Butterfly Beautiful Part Three

Written By: Anonymous I’ve been a follower of this forum for some time now. And I’m also a resident of my city’s so-called “artistic enclav…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Aug 2, 2023

Butterfly Beautiful Part Two

Written By: Orlon Braem I’m alone here today with my memory of fears, and my realization of what appears. But I’m thankful for all I’ve rec…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Jun 21, 2023

Butterfly Beautiful Part One

Written By: George Jennifer, and Anonymous Part One Yes, another “obscurity” has reached my office via what’s come to be termed “snail mail…

Started by RF Husnik

0 May 24, 2023

April, Wish Me Really

Written By: George Jennifer, Anonymous and Orlon Braem Part One Today I have no option but to fulfill an assignment given me by those who s…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Apr 19, 2023


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