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She has made me to come to the true verdict that
The creator indeed took a rib away from me.
And that all the years I spent without her are worth tears.
She came into my life and woke me up
From an ignorant deep slumber of incompleteness;
She perfected my life with the illumination of her love.

She is my lover, the daughter of Eve
With her, I understand what the scriptures quote;
“the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.”
With her, life is worth starting over again
With her I remember those times I found myself in my mother’s bosom.
She is the one who makes my world complete
Without the need for any forbidden fruit to eat.
The creator should form another Garden of Eden for us;
Where she is the only fruit I eat
And I am her only enticing fruit she can’t refute.

I wish every woman is the offspring of my lover
My brothers could experience what I am experiencing.
Her smiles is a pill for my piles of worry
Her touch is a therapy to my body of pain.
Her words are honeycomb, sweet to my soul and healing to my bones;
The memory of this gives me a Munchausen syndrome.
Her lips against mine; kill my appetite for cake
And they are a perfect dose for my sake.
She is a goddess with a discerning spirit;
I do not utter any petition when I am chilly.

I have seen the world reformed
When she came into my life in that angelic form.
I wonder how paradise will look like;
Cos’ with this daughter of Eve as a guide by my side,
I can always fly the kite in this world perceived to be of plight.
I am because she is; with her I found my identity
Loving her is my responsibility
And I will make that my ability.

I say to the speechless deep forest
I say to the calm waters of the deep seas
I speak to the unruffled moments of the night;
They should remain so and never be tempted to fight.
It is my time to sound a trumpet of my love with a daughter of Eve
I want the most minuscule whisper that will be heard;
To be my mantra of love for her.
I want the world to know this;
She is the love of my life
With her by my side; I have a world of my own.
I have a world of my own and she with me is that world.

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Well that was just beautiful, Zakaria! I hope you shared that with your lady. :) Have you discovered the Poetry Group yet here?  Just click the Groups tab up top.
That was breathtakingly beautiful and, it may just be the poet in me saying this but, I think any girl would be lucky to have a man who can write something so amazing!
oh...thank you, Leah!
No problem! It's the truth!
That was simply romantic and heartfelt...I loved it express your feelings towards this woman so well. I hope that you have that special someone in your life to inspire you to continue writing your touches the soul!
well, Thom I hope so too! Anyway, thanks 4 your complement.
Nice Zakaria, very nice indeed!
Very Beautiful!
Thanks a lot, Garry and Vivian!
Actually, i would be glad for any corrections and criticisms too.
I loved your poem very much!! You have a beautiful way with words. Keep writing Zakaria!! Garry E. Lewis
Oh wow! this one actually left goosebumps behind...loved it, felt it...
thanks 4 the complement, guys!

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