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As this is the Marketing and Promotion section, I think we should help ourselves out here first! Show off your blog or website and get feedback on it. If you dare. :)

It can be great to have fresh eyes look at what you're doing and see if there are any new ideas to be shared that would help drive traffic and/or increase sales.

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Since I decided to post more content on my blog about other important issues, other than just my book, the number of views has steadily increased. I decided to post material more related to the title, which is also the title of my book, Behind the Signs. Take a peek, you might find something in there that rattles your cage.


Nice site. Nice sample and picture too, but I didn't see much to connect the two, or did I miss something?

I do have a website which not only promotes my book but my articles and services.  My website is  It is also a resource for other authors for information from other writers and marketing information/opportunities.  I have several interviews I have posted which I have completed with other writers/authors.

My website is with information about myself, my books (one self-published, one published by Solstice publishing, and upcoming books in progress. Oh, and also where to order :)


There is a new blogging platform that allows you to blog right from your smart phone. 

It is very inexpensive.  They also include alot of info on how to market using a blog.

I like that you can also video blog.

You can check out my work at

Just and FYI though with a quick glance with some ranking tools.  Jack Strandburg's wordpress site doesn't have much to add to any kind of ranking, yet Tanya Robinson's blogspot has quite a bit stacked in her favor due to the company.  Might suggest that using blogspot is better to get you out there.

Great job Dennis AuBuchon!  Your site has a 3 out of 10 ranking.  That is the man to follow step-by-step.  It's not easy getting ranking and he has done a great job, even has an Alexa rank.


The About The Author page is just that, facts about you.

I wrote it myself and don't see how it is egotistical.

I think you'll do fine.

My suggestion is to go the Romance Writers Of America link below and click on their names, maybe 50 different names. I am sure they all have an about the author webpage.

Note how they talk about themselves and you'll find a good way to represent yourself.

I have made my website much nicer by looking how they created their pages.

I hope I have been helpful.

brokenwhole said:

Okay, I take the dare. I just finished the first round of redeveloping my 3 year old website about an hour ago. Have loads more to do: need to change the design of my blog, and add a lot of content. But it's a step in the right direction, I hope. My main concern is the About page. I took the risk of using a testimony from a friend, and I'm worried that some might think it's egotistical. I was advised to use it by a web consultant with a lots of experience with writers. I do know that we have to do everything we can to maximise our potential of self publicity. But I'd truly appreciate honest feedback.

My website is

Thanks for the opportunity! Keith

My, My Anna you are a busy writer!

I like your website and layout.


Anna L. Walls said:

I've updated my website with a few comments stating the status on some of my books listed there. I've also added a paypal button if someone wants to buy a signed book from me. As more of my books become real books, I'll add them to the list. This are happening for me this year. Woohoo!!!

Here is my landing page for One of the Few. Let me know what you think!

My website is

I'm also trying to get things going at

I have my own website.

It contains all my book's information, as well as social media links. I decided not to get a standalone blog, but created a section on my site for blog-like posts, which are sent to my subscribers as a newsletter every month or so.I called it "Skrawls".

I'd also like to shout out the person who built my site for me, since they also do my book covers and other essential things. Amina Kombo.

I'm interested in the IndieListers link you sent. Methinks you shall see some activity from me. As for the landing page: I'm not a Christian, but I'm interested in the Marine pilot aspect of it. My web developer tells me the icon fonts and shortened/columned lists are effective if you want to draw in an audience, but might make it look too "business-like". Web trends being as they are, it's an effective page.

Jason Ladd said:

Here is my landing page for One of the Few. Let me know what you think!

My website is

I'm also trying to get things going at


I think it makes a huge difference by having a website. A blog is like a baby step towards a website.

Properly designed, your website reflects the professionalism you hope to reflect.

My first web tech was horrible. I hated him, his lack of expertise, his slowness getting things done and he made me unhappy.

The web tech I have now is savvy smart, friendly, professional and has given me helpful advice I have followed.

He has made my website the most profession reflection of the writer I want to be.

Good luck to you,



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