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This may sound strange, but I am working on back story for my characters and "I Can Be Your Hero" inspired a scene with a father and daughter. I'm not trying to make anything romantic out of it, but bits and pieces of a song inspired me. After I listened to the whole song, I felt sort of "weirded out" by it. Has anyone gotten inspiration from just a part of something and not the whole?

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Inspiration can come from anywhere. I don't listen to much music, and when I do, it's generally not while I'm writing. Great that you discovered that scene.
Absolutely. Songs like "Here's Looking At You, Kid" and "Great Expectations" by the Gaslight Anthem, and "Sometime Around Midnight" and "Missy" by the Airborne Toxic Event have inspired me to do some of the most emotional and moving scenes in my own work, despite the fact that any of those songs as a whole wouldn't be able to work in a fantasy/fictional setting. Writers draw inspiration from any number of places, and no one can fault you for where they come from!

A country in my D&D setting is called Ancelot, and has a holy city that is first ruled by Inquisitor Lanford, and ruled in the future following a massive cataclysm by Arias Ruola, the servant of Asmodeus, Arias is the wielder of an incredibly powerful weapon called the Cross of War.

The names Ancelot and Cross of War are taken from the Rhapsody of Fire song Dawn of Victory. Arias' title of Master of Pain is also taken from it.

Oh absolutely, yes. The following, from "Flood" by the Sisters of Mercy:

As the water come rushing in
(Like the sea)
As the water come rushing over
(Dream of the flood)
In a flood of your tears

I (indirectly) got a complete mythos and three novels out of that! Once something sparks an idea in your head you can sometimes just let your brain take a wild leap and fill the rest of it in for you. Works for me, anyway.
I can be inspired by a single sentence. As Anna said, inspiration can come from anywhere. When you're in a creative frame of mind, you'll see it everywhere. :)
Not from a song. For me, it was the opening scene of a movie that inspired a short story that I wrote several years ago.
I always listen to new age music or some kind of holy chanting while I'm writing.  It becomes like backround music for the part of the book I'm writing like in a movie.  When I go to rewrite a paticular chapter I will start by playing the same song each time.  It helps bring back the mood I was in last time I was listening to it.
The music that most inspires my writing is the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, I also find that movie soundtracks help too, especially the work of Hans Zimmer.
I agree with those who say inspiration can come from anywhere.  You just need to be perceptive when the Muse strikes you.  For years I've used the classic rock music of The Doors, Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult - even EmmyLou Harris to name a few for inspiration.  Another good source for me is the headlines in the local newspaper.

I listen to eclectic selections of music when I write. I draw inspiration from lyrics and the sound itself. Sometimes I switch off all sound and write in complete silence, but often a song "sticks" to my memory of a scene or represents a character. I compile those that stand out, and I've even shared some on the book (and series) profiles on my site. Here's an example (go to the Music tab to see what I'm talking about):

I used to write with music as a background, as a way to get into the world I was telling about. It was a really great feeling.

Now, having a family (which is great as well), I have lost the habit to write with music. And I realize that the inspiration is still there.


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