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Has anyone been watching or following the casey anthony trial..the mother in florida whose 2 year old daughter disappeared and it was 31 days before the mother said anything ? and that was because someone finally asked where the child was...what are your opinions or thoughts?

Do you believe the last straw, where she is now accusing her father of sexual abuse ( I do believe it exists more than we want it to, however some people use this crime like water runs down a hill and take advantage ) weedbychoice..kjforce

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I've not been watching it but I've been following it in the press. I think those 31 days where she didn't report her missing is damning. After I heard that I was convinced of her guilt.


What do you think yourself, kj?

I personally feel Casey, the "mother" was the prima dona in her house growing up and I can imagine her playing one against the other ( mom and dad) and her brother saw this. Possibly putting a strain on their marriage... Then when she got pregnant, she wanted to abort but they convinced her not to ( opportunity to be grandparents) and she resented the attention given to the child as this put her(casey) in the backseat ( which is where she put the child eventually) She began to detest the child who was the only thing she had power she chose to solve the problem ..thinking in her mind this would put her back to being as was prior to Caylee. Let's face it this would not be the first mother to have been a "bad seed" child.Now she has had 3 years to hash over in her mind and will stop at nothing to throw whomever and whatever under the bus, becuase she can do no wrong in her eyes..besides does anyone else but her exist in her mind ? Just my thought and opinions..weedbychoice..kjforce
I'm pretty sure the trial of the century was when Saddam Hussein was dragged to the US, sentenced to death, and thrown to a lynch mob in the Middle East. Also, not reporting for a month and then trying to blame the father? Put me on the jury and I'll gladly take part in the firing squad.
Great feedback on this discussion...Is anybody else following the trial...Watched trial today, can hardly believe the grandmother believed whatever Casey told her about her "IMPORTANT" position she had with Universal Studios..when if you recall "U.S." never had any records that Casey Anthony worked for them...ever...also the grandmother states THEY exclusively babysat Caylle..why would Casey allow her father to watch her daughter when he was supposedly her childhood sexual abuser..? oh, I know maybe she forgot she accused him recently...I'm bad..weedbychoice...

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