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Hi everyone, hope its all going well for you. My thing is am I too old for all this internet stuff? When I started out Geo works was the main OS, Microsoft wasn't around, and Bill Gates was in high school, lol. Tweeting was what birds did and twitter was just a nervous twitch. My head spins just trying to figure out how to promote myself and my books with so many sites, articles, on-line book stores, etc. I'd really like to know how everyone else manages the time to research the web, know which sites are best, know how to promote properly, have the time to write, and so much more? Or is it that its really a young person's game and I just haven't admitted it yet? (Of course my wife will say It's more likely the stubborn Irish side of me, lol).

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Hi Mr O'Neil

Its not just you, the world is moving faster and faster everyday, even too those that are involved with things like twitter & facebook.  If you're looking for a bit of inspiration I recommend you look up John Locke,,  he's really interesting and he gives really useful advice to help get started on the right road.  You do need a website to promote yourself.  Goodluck.

cheers Ash


You would be surpised how fast you will learn. Just take one step at a time. Also be aware  most writers love to help others. So if you have a question ask, ask, ask until you understand it.


Lisa Day

so funy... I started to try Twitter and it floored me. I discovered  a writers group on Facebook and got comfortable their.  Found myself brave enough to start a blog. Following their leads and successes I knew eventually I had to learn tweeter.

Now it do enjoy it. The challenge of saying every thing in 140 spaces. the younger one still dance around me with all the times they use FB TW rwa and so many other abbreviations I have know Idea what there talking about. lol

Like Mariah just go and have fun,

Lisa Day

There are productivity tools you can use that will help you immensely, so don't panic. With Twitter for example you can write a lot of Tweets at once and schedule them so that they are posted publicly on different times/days.


Pick one thing you want to master first-be it Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, or whatever and focus on that. Then move to the next thing. Take it slow. :) And join the many helpful sections in our Groups that can help. 


You're never too old. :)

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