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I live in a certain country where it's common that a random 15 year old comes up to your window with a sponge and smacks it on the windshield. Having said this, they even trying doing the back windsheild. Unfortunately, you have to pay, so when they just come out of nowhere and start washing your car when you have no money, and even when you tell them to stop or not to do it in the first place, they do it anyway. And, to take it to the extreme, they start cussing at you if your don't give them money after they willingly washed your windows, even after you said not to.
Oh, this world we live in...
Well...let me know if I'm exaggerating on the complaining or not, cause I don;t really know...

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I think you're quite right to complain Alex. You didn't ask them to do it and you told them not to do it when they did it anyway. I'd be leaving an A4 size note on the backshelf inside my car with "I don't pay window washers so don't waste your time!" written in black marker pen and large letters. Then if they try to sneak round the back, they see it.
I think you have every right to complain. I'm the only one in my school who doesn't cuss, so I think It's inappropriate. And besides, if someone does something nice like that without you asking them to, they shouldn't expect money. You're not supposed to ask for money for doing a good deed.
I totally understand, when my family and I would go to Mexico before the passport thing there would people who did that. Sometimes we would let them because they were actually doin a job a small one but it was something instead of just begging. In the back of my families head and mine we would think this person is gonna buy drugs with the money that we would give them if they were beggars. I know its not right to think that everyone that begs for money is gonna buy drugs, but its a reality. Right now Mexico is in unofficial civil war over drug control.
Its so bad pretty girls are being dragged away by gang drug dealers just because they want them. I knew a lady whose daughter almost got taken because she was pretty luckily for her her boyfriend knew a gang member and told them to back off. My parents dont want to get the passports because they are annoying but its dangerous. Theres "Police" that drive around in trucks with their AK47s and it scares the crap out of me. I miss the food (mmm Tacos Tapatios) and my family that live there and worry for them. lol Sorry whats going on over there really hits me.
I hate that kind of thing! I wouldn't care if they cussed me out. If I don't ask for it, you shouldn't do it.
I live in a country where it is exactly the same.
And i know how you feel.
It is completely rude, and I've had experiences when they even try to open the car's door, or they smash the window.
But, coming from someone like them, i wouldn't expect any less.

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