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I spent 28 years in the field of entertainment. I fist sarted as  a gofer (go for this & go for that).  Then went into road manager, promoter, & personal manager for some of the biggest names out there, from Elvis, Liberace, and many,many others. Plus at 77 I still help others if I can. I went to work in '73 in Hollywood  for from what I was told a lady who was a tribute artist, after 2 months I started to see odd things about her. I called her movie studio and after talking with 4 or 5 people there about my thoughts, I finally got to the truth. I then promised I would never tell.  Then about a year ago after a lot of research into facts about others involved I got her permission to come forward. She is now 84 and living in a 3million dollar home in the hollywood hills. At my age my writing is not as good as it  used to be. So I am looking for someone to help me, will give above average percent to the right person.  Thank You Osie Jackson. , website.

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Osie, is it an editor you're looking for? I can think of two members that are editors, David Bowman and Robert L. Bacon . There could be more here. You can contact them through their profile links I gave you there.

Hi Olsie.

If you've written the book then it sounds more like you need a ghost writer to revise and then edit what you've written. Not an editor to place your words in a better order. A ghost writer will look to the task of making your work appeal instantly to the reader when they read the first line, through the first chapter , and will stimulate their interest more as they read more. Something for you to consider.

Some questions.

How many words is your book?

What genre do you place it in?

Is your short summary written?

Is your synopsis written?

What is the POV?

Have you tried any Publishers or agents so far?

The above are the sort of questions that people like answered and might help you too in your search.




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