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I wrote a non fiction inspirational book...and I really need some editing done to it. I have a lot of grammar errors and sentence structure that needs to be done. I would post a chapter of the book to get some feedback but don't know exactly how to do this...can anyone help me. I am a new writer and although it is challenging I find it very rewarding to be able to put my thoughts on paper. So if anyone can help it will be much appreciate...thanks!

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I will be sending you private message about my personal editing service.

Hello Frances Thomas,  Before I send my book out to be edited I burden as many friends as possible with it.  I find most editors have 2 types of edit. One is a several page report on grammar, plot, character, setting and such.  I've seen that edit priced at a dollar a page.  Then there is a line edit where they go through every line of your  book tearing it apart.  I find thats 3-5 hundred dollars.  Remember you get what you paid for.

If your doing an e-book you better check out formating too.  I've used Angel editing once and had a good experence with them.

keep writing


Ok thanks to both of you for your help...I sent my manuscript to to be published but they said he need editing...and I am on a budget being this is my first book. Thanks...give me Angel website address. And for you Larry I will inbox you a message so we can discuss your suggestions. Thanks again.



Here are three options:

1) read your book out loud to yourself and you will know when you need to polish the sentences, add words or take out words.

2) find a friend who loves to read but is a fanatic about bad grammar. They can highlight in yellow what they see wrong.

3) and most important... has a free app you can download on Google Chrome that edits 60 pages at a time for grammar mistakes.

It catches 95% grammar errors for me and some I will ignore because no computer program is perfect.

These three steps and you can't go wrong.

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