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I was thinking today about how big the internet is and the vastness of its reach. And then I pondered on how we all find our little corners of happiness on the web. is definitely one of mine! So tell me, how did you get here initially and discover our fab community? :D

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Hi Kay! I believe it was a link from a post in Book Blogs that I found Regardless of how, I'm just glad I did. The support is really good here, and being a newbie to the epic fantasy genre, I can use all the help I can get :)  LOL!! Hope all of you have a wonderful day! ~Janet~
I was actually searching for something else and just happened upon it. I'm so glad I did.
I found Authors from a link on a friends blog, I followed it and was intrigued by what I found.  :)
Intrigued is just the right word Serena.
I'm a publisher and one of my authors invited me to join.  It is an interesting community that I am still learning to navigate, but so far, so good!
I was just browsing the web and came across this site. After checking it out decided to join. Have really enjoyed it!
I found this site through some of my fellow author friends. The badge was on their blogs and it caught my eye. :) Great site!!
I am a new writer and was looking for support in my writing and publishing. I found your website on twitter and decided to look at your website and it has a vast of information. I thank you for this will be a tremendous asset to help me with my writing ability.
I looked through the web because I was tired of posting my writing in facebook! =) So I typed authors and writing communities in yahoo.

I found you on a web search. GREAT site.


Heidi Abigail

Author of Normal Life

Normal Life on Kindle

Searching for ways to help my husband,  Lloyd H Whitling promote his books that are listed on Amazon.
I found from Gelati's Scoop. Aside from being a huge authors' advocate, writer and avid book blogger, he works with Trestle Press and has published my first book - Reprisal: Making Plans, Making Memories. Thanks for the welcome! Please watch my blog for the upcoming release of the next installment of Reprisal.

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