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Has anyone read the book The Silver Series: Climbing Silver "Sacrifices of Innocence"

A true story of and  by author Anna Stone..Dedicated to the children who are lost in the is a very compelling story..I believe it is available on

weed bt choice kjforce

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I'm not familiar with that book, Anna. Have you read it yourself then or were you just wondering if anyone else had? If you have there's a book review section in the Groups where you could add one if you felt like it. :)

It sounds good from the description and review at Amazon.

Scribbler, I am not Anna Stone..she is the author of the series..she is a friend of mine and this is her first published book..which is a true story..I was wondering if anyone else aside from myself had read the book..I do know I read a review by Richard Thomas Banegas just last week and he gave it 5 stars...just thought I would try to get some action on the book,that's why I asked the question...Thanks for taking the time to view it on Amazon...I am weedbychoice..kjforce
never heard of it... sorry
Sounds like an excellent read. The children and the elderly really get a raw deal in this world today, children are innocent victims that's for sure, and the elderly it seems are government has decided the elderly  no longer serve a purpose, so lets just kick them to the curb, well one of these days we'll all be elderly citizens, remember karma, it's a b****! And what goes around does come around so watch out all you heartless politicians your times coming. Of course all the money they've lined their pockets with over the years they won't need Medicare. They've already spent all of our social security that most of us were relying on when we do retire, money we've paid into all of our lives. Now the government has pissed all that away for us, thanks for asking our permission first by the way before you spent it all. "Oh wait that's right you never ask our permission you just took it."

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