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What kind of things would you:




in a castle?

Be as descriptive as possible :)

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Hmmm, assuming it's large with a courtyard possibly market stalls, with live chickens in cages, rabbits, dogs wandering freely, horses being led around and stalls of fruit and veg. No sanitation so buckets of water and waste would be tossed in the street, which would make it smelly. When I think of castles I think of knights in shining armour with their manservant beside them, kings, queens, jesters, ladies and lords of the courts, medieval weaponry (like statues of full suits of armor and crossed swords adorning the walls), jousting...and tapestries. It would be noisy outside and cold and damp inside. Because of the primarily stone construction, you would hear every footstep carpet to cushion that. You need to remember that castles often had a mini society within their walls, from servants upwards. Walls..gray, ramparts, a moat and a drawbridge with steel portcullis. And archers at the top ledge around the perimeter.
I can't think of much to add to what scribbler said. Do you need more ideas for the interior or the exterior, Jasmine? For the interior there's also the king's court, where he sits on his throne and seeks counsel from his advisers.
Hmmm...Well, the first thing I think of is all of the clothes everyone would wear. I mean, think of all of the colors! I could only imagine the bright oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, reds, and who knows what else on the walls and banners! I can also imagine the voices ringing from the halls and rooms... The queen yelling at her Ladies-in-Waiting, the king bellowing out with cheerful laughter, the servants bustling around in the kitchen, setting tables for the next meal, tidying the rooms, the princess running around in a dress that she should not be running in as she admires herself in the dress she will wear tot he ball that night, the birds chirping outside, and (depending on why you are there) your companion asking what you would like to wear, your friend chatting with you about affairs that the royal family has instructed her to set up, or your worden's sword clinking at his side and his heavy footsteps as he leads you down the stair-well to your dungeon cell. :) Finally, what you smell sort of depends on the royal family, but let's just take this how I would. So you can smell the fresh roast in the kitchen and the potatoes being cooked on a flame, the lilacs and honeysuckle blooming outside in early Spring, and the grotesque perfume that people wear because they think that it smells good! Oh, and everything is sort of old-fashioned by the way, so no ovens, t.v.s, or Abercrombie, everyone is dressed sort of weird, at least, to you all it may by weird, but to me, those are the dresses I sort of dream of wearing, lol. :) Oh, and lastly, if you are in one of the castles like this that I came up with, you'll want to stay away from the queen, she can be pretty brutal! :) Lol!
Moist, damp, brick floors with a thoughsand years of passing souls who know not the weary way of life today. The stench of flowering blosom lining the base of the draw bridge, where maidens wait for beau. Murky, frogs and crawling creaturs maybe winged creatures (sorry I'm a mystery writer and dark things come to me. But my wife is saying, large fire places, armor, knights, swords, tapistry, try to use sounds also... and smells... Love to read it when yuor done, My wife said use musty, meldew...

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