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Have you ever read a book that had a deep impact on your world view or mindset? Please share your stories and tell us about the book.

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The book that had a deep impact on my mind is"The power of positive thinking" it tells you that whatever the situation is, your attitude towards it matters a lot. Its about how you see things... it tells you that at times there are situations in life when one breaks oneself while some people in the same situation break records.. this book greatly inspired me and i had expierenced a very positive change in my life....!!!!

 I read a book called 'Getting Things Done" by Roger Black.

Can you decide on issues quickly?

Can you say 'Yes' or even 'No' without feeling bad?

Can you handle salesmen? Can you talk in public?can you file?Meet people?Be proactive?


Don't look at me. I've read the book and other books as well because I now structure my life.


If I listed all kinds of faults you might end up nodding in agreement to every item or topic on the list.

Do you cover your computer screen with sticky yellow notes to remind you what to do? Miss meeting?


Go to your library and read the book. Take control of your life and get things done.

Then try 'Mind mapping' and start living.

Have fun.

I'd have to say 1984 by Orwell, On Walden Pond by Thoreau, and Judas, My Brother by Frank Yerby. Those popped into my mind first. There are probably dozens of others.
There are so many books that speak to me, but when I read this question, two came immediately to mind.  The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.

Scribbler:The books that I have read that had a deep impact on my life were the "Left Behind" series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.  They really make you see the "Light of Day".

Drue Dee Miller 

There truly isn't just one book. For myself it has been a journey through the years. It started when I was a young child going to the library for story hour and continues yet today. When I open up a new book (or re-read an old one) I come away with new insights and/or perspectives.
I have to say that the book that changed my thinking was given to me by my college professor, it was the first time I actually read a book like this all the way through, and not just for an assignment. At first, I was one who thought of conspiracies against blacks and other people groups. I was anti-capatilsm. I was so liberal, that I was actually anti-leberal. The book "The Commanding Heights" opened my eyes to a bigger conspiracy, ignorance. I found out how much I did not know and that began my journey toward intellectual freedom and expression.
Another book that help to shift my thinking is "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. It really helped me to embrace my past and how even the negative parts have helped to shape my present opportunity.

That's a great point, Donald-very true! I guess they all touch us one way or another. 


I think what we all get out of books is very personal, Maryanne and there's no wrong answers. You explained that fine. I can see where you're coming from there. :)

I know too that I can go back and read a book years later and something different will speak to me about it than did the first time. Where you are at that stage in your life and what's going on in it also colors your perspective of a book I think. 

Maryanne Widau said:

I hope I don't requet posting this...But, The Twilightsaga changed the way I saw some things. I have struggled with overeating...longstory as to how I got there and it's not typical....and I was struck at how Edward loved Bella enough to sacrifice his love of her blood, I don't feel I am explaining this well, but her blood sings to him and he resists because of his deep love for her. Well, why can't I love myself enough to quit doning something that could very well kill me. Can't I love myself more than food? This may be a strange thing to get out of it, but it's what I learned.

Another Author who has had a profound affect on me through his writings is Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, The World is Flat, and Hot Flat and Crowded are classics for me.


As you see I am into non-fiction. I am really going to try reading more fiction. I have one in particular that I did like called "The Prestige", it was very very capturing and held me to the end.

Rege Schilken said:

Personal Knowledge, a work written by Michael Polanyi, profoundly changed my thinking. Polanyi is dead now, but he was a brilliant man: chemist, physicist, philosopher, writer.


His Personal Knowledge claims that mankind hunts for answers because Science has a hint they are there.

The CERN collider is hunting for the ultimate particle because it is believed to be there, even if it is merely some kind of charge.


When you apply this thinking to God, all must have an intimation God exists or everyone would stop looking. 

Regis Schilken


An Atheist stops looking the minute he realizes the concept of God is an impossibility.


Being a student/instructor of positive thinking and now an author of a self-help book based on the curative powers of positive thinking the book(s) that changed my life are: (1) The Power of Positive Thinking; (2) The Power of Your Subconscious Mind; (3) Think & Grow Rich; and (4) The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Incidently, my book is: African-American Guide to Prosperity: A Metaphysical Approach to Empowerment.

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