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No one is for you in your all stakes in this Earth, except the two persons who give you birth!

Although apparently, it seems to be many of them around & surroundings you will stand by you to save you honestly from all your sad, sorrow, and miseries devotionally;

Very regretfully you will get hurt by all of their backwardness cleverly from you by leave you lonely!

As a result, consequently you have to be protected yourself from all your miseries and deadly struggle finally!

Due to every man for himself in terms of their future certainty without losing any personal belonging and Identity!

By nature, we are all selfish & self centric regardless any great men those are created and sent here by Almighty especially to sacrifice their lives for the goodness of Mankind to live happy & peacefully!

People in this beautiful earth want to live longer and loved themselves in the best than other, whatever it is relatives, friends, brother or sister!

You will see in your family each and everybody would bow you, honor you, valued you, and care you enormously as long as you are a prospective person hopefully!

Afterward if you become very powerful and wealthy an unlimited flatterers would be using many adulatory words to get your favors diverse and abundantly.

Somehow if you losing your all power and wealthy status over the time sequentially once you will see no one is surroundings you at least to courage and console you to have some peace psychologically!

And even it could be your life partner who did you love enormously, would leave you brutally!

But you will see that only two persons beside you are crying and praying to God to save & protect you from all types of earthly miseries are no one except your father and mother after almighty!

Compassion is the vital element of humanity that is wholly depends on the real feelings as sympathetically to be a very kind man or woman essentially!

But most of human beings feelings are empathetically, which is limiting their emotions to abstain from them to doing something compassionately!

Besides there are a significant number of people globally, those feelings are not natural rather contaminated feelings by their flattery!

No one is perfect and limiting by their earthly abilities to doing well and favors to others in spite of having strong willing & wishes without any hypocrisies.

But reluctantly many of us like to preach ill saying about that loving one or expected man or woman’s inabilities.

People do these due to their lacks of discretion to judge one or someone’s hard efforts he or she made for them to do welfare by his/ her integrities.

Even they never believe their so called loving or expected one that he/she doesn’t make any efforts to afford and provide some welfare for them by his/her strong social solidarities.

So, don’t be regretted and sad for their feedbacks or ill preaching they made for you, because by nature, people are ungrateful and forgetful whatever it is you did you something great in the past for them by your best capacities.

Mind it, you arriving in this earth or here alone from your mother’s dark womb and have to be departed and exile lonely to hereafter to sleeping womb like dark graveyard long time unknowingly!












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