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To value someone’s personality, an evaluation should be performing in a good order and collectively!

Any single behavioral trait or a specific merit & demerit can’t be review and screening behaviorally!

Human behavioral patterns or personality is the combination of various traits that are differs by quantitative and qualitatively!

Nothing is perfect in this earth to be a whole one perfectly if you want your expectation mathematically!

By nature, everything in this earth is two dimensionally likely odd & even, Day & night, good or bad, male & female all these live perspectives due to God’s supremacy!

But there is nothing as three dimensions of human nature as neutrally, if it is by someone belief he or she is a neutral person then undoubtedly it is their hypocrisy!

Any principle or personal ethics can’t be symmetrically equal or in between the equally!

It must be in two states as more or less than equality but both in qualitative & quantitatively!

Human behavioral or personality patterns integrate in two dimensionally as biological and psychological traits aggregately!

As quantitative traits are ones height, weight, out looking in physical development visibly whereas qualitative traits are intelligent, honesty, integrity, and all personal behavioral etiquette!

Weight of all qualitative traits differs person to person by their mental and cognitive development variably!

Peer evaluations are executes by watching someone’s behaviors observably for a time being perception ally!

Perception doesn’t mean any idea, prediction, seems to be or probably rather it is a learning process in cognitive and psychologically!

Having seen and observed ones odd looking & unexpected behavior, it can’t be assuming his/her negative trait unacceptably, because it could be your hallow effect wrongfully!

Like a very time oriented person can be making delay unwillingly although it might happen accidentally!

So, human evaluation and their total traits define & analyses are not an easy skill due to its sound complicacy!

In fact, many internal and external factors have to be considered very close & carefully to review someone’s total characters analytically!

Evaluation as a good man or a bad man depend mostly one’s more or less humanity but if it is humanity of major traits proportionally, it should be assuming a good man socially!

Inversely a same hypothesis or assumption should be made about someone’s inferiority!

Another vital factor is to be known changing of human personality traits as major and minor over the time before and after aged thirty!

 Someone’s many major good or bad traits can change or disappears till the age of thirty permanently, but after thirty no changing occurs of all major traits usually where any minor traits can be disappear anytime of life time environmentally!

Some of major human traits are inheritance genetically that are not changeable in someone’s all live times in any way potentially!

All human being in globally differs by their behavioral attitude relatively due to their different cultural value and national customs locally!

Likely the Italian nations are very stylish personality by their heritage and historically, and it is recognized by global cultural society!

 Low context culture and High context cultural values are other significant factors to differ nations to nations by their less talking and doing abundantly, or by their too much talking and doing Lesley!

For instance, all the Western & North American highly developed Countries people are fewer talkers and doing much conversely! (Low context cultures)

But people of Asian countries are too much talker and doing lesser practically! (High context culture)

So, people in globally differs by their respective cultural value and belief that are persuading to their social structures, behavioral nature, and personality quality also courtesy!











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