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A natural persuasive personality having enormous abilities to guide & direct all team members magically!

Having all charismatic skills and intelligence that make someone dependable & obedient to him or her willing & gladly!

Due to leaders are born but never be made in formal or informally because of their God gifted inter-personality!

Without applying any powers and obligations motivate people to advanced impulsive and dynamically!

All emotional intelligence and spiritual judgments capacity are their leadership traits & quality!

Each & everybody of a team or group love to rely them for all perspectives of any issues and problems solvency!

Leaders are societies and nations pathfinders to be lived people with honor & dignity in their homes and globally!

Critical analysis and interpretation or defining any complicated situations to be easing everything functionally are their another vital skills & specialty!

Leaders know how to manage and control any drastic problems by their friendly & cooperative mentorship in a team or a group symmetrically?

Empowering every member of a team equal & chronologically as a motivator to be motivating everyone’s incentively!

Social solidarity, participations, Interactions, and contributions are all socio-political leaders’ moral & ethical philosophy!

A political leader prime traits should be honest & integrity, compassionate, studious, and extensive knowledge on past and present socio-political history!

Leaders cannot be Hippocrates and word brokers by circumstantial abuser as an opportunity taker personally!

An ideal leader should be always devotional and sacrificing social worker to see and make happy others also all followers honestly!

Leaders cannot be ego-centric and prejudice or negative attitude to any individual, groups, and even society!

Any individualism philosophy cannot be beliefs of a socio-political leader rather should be collectivism philosophy wholly!

An individualism philosophy or self-centric mentality is a strong belief of an intra-personal skillful personality due to their selfish satisfactory!

Leaders are interpersonal skillful intelligent to organize and execution everything efficient and effectively towards any group, team, or a nationality!

Though leaders are not made but an inferior leader can be a great leader by his hard efforts, experience, and even learning by crawling continuously!

So, leaders make history evidently but history cannot make any leader or leadership inversely!

Leaders remain alive forever after their death among all their good and honest contributions they made all their lives through many sad, sorrows, and misery!











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