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Murder, my parents were not killed on accident or anything, they were murdered and I am going to find out why and who did it if it was the last thing I do. I am not going to ‘sit back’ and let the detectives handle this, they are not going to do anything! So why even bother with them, are they gonna solve it? No! They won’t help with anything. When everything is calmed down, I am going to leave – to find the person who murdered my parents. My little sister, Elena, was on my shoulder crying about mom and dad’s death. I hugged her tight telling her everything was alright, even when she and I both knew it wasn’t. I won’t tell Elena, it would kill her. It will be better if I don’t tell anyone that I’m leaving; I will wait for her to fall asleep.

It was eleven at night and Elena was out cold and I was packing to leave. I was writing a note telling her that I will be back when I find our parent’s murderer. I made sure I had basic things that I know I would need. Clothes, brush, ponytail, hygiene related materials, and my father’s gun. I climbed out my window to the back yard and left to the next town over to start off my journey. When I got there, after 2 days, I was so glad that I booked a hotel room suit. When I went into the hotel, I was blown away.

The hotel was emasculate beyond my wildest dreams. The walls were covered with tan sand crystal wall paper and the area was bright with a high chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. Underneath it was a water fountain that seemed to cover the green foliage around it making it glisten and shine in the light. To the far wall was an upper class bar covered with golden lights and an aura of comfort. Right beside it was the restaurant, preparing the food with masculine aromas of freshly cooked meat with spices and seasonings which filled the air making my stomach aches for a plate of my own. A little glint on light caught the corner of my eye to the left. I turned my head to my side and was entranced by what I saw. A comforting warm blaze came from the sandstone brick covered fireplace that filled the area with a bit of light. The warm flare was a beacon of tranquility. Around the fireplace were several cedar book shelves covered with books and tomes from ancient times. I noticed all the employees were gleeful and covered with smiles; oblivious to anything on the outside world would have to offer. These doors which I entered seemed to lead to a new and completely different world. As I looked around the hotel lobby I wondered up to the desk clerk and got my room key. Room 202 on the 2th floor of this hotel, I was still admiring the wallpaper and the fountain before I got up to the stairs.

There were two flights of stairs and the same symbol on each stair, a crystal. The same design as the wall paper, only the stairs shinned like they were made of glass. I walked up the stairs, admiring the way that they were made; every stair was exactly the same, not mistake in making any of them. I walked up the two flights of stairs and around the corner to my room. The door had a peep h*** with wave designs around it and the key scanner for a doorknob. I put the key in the scanner and opened the door when the light on the scanner turned green. The room was almost as beautiful as the lobby. The walls had Tan Diamond and Crystal wall paper. To the left was the bathroom and the right was a walk in closet with bunk beds in it. The bathroom was walls and floor were tiles as the shower curtains were tan. The bathtub was a pure white spa that you could only wish you had from the commercials and sink both outlined with gold. Above the toilet was the basic hygiene needs. Towels, Toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap, etc.

The door was in between light and dark brown as you push the door inside of the bathroom. I walked out of the bathroom to look at the rest of the room. From the door to the Balcony, it was all white carpet and when I turned the corner of the bathroom wall, I saw two steps leading up to an area with two big glass doors. I walked up the two steps and pushed open the two big doors, the room floor was all hard wood and one king size bed in the middle of the room up against the farthest wall. As I walked farther into the room, I saw that against the wall closest to me, hanging on the wall was a 100 inch television. Under it was a console that had a Wii, an X-box 360 and a DVD player. On the right and left side were cabinets, the right side had games and the left had movies. At the bottom of the bed, against the wall to my right was another door and I went to go check it out. It was the bathroom, it has two doors to it and I didn’t notice. At the bottom of the bed in the center of the bedroom was a small wood coffee table. It had cups and plates on it for me; I really loved this room. Against the wall across the bed on the left side was a dresser, I unpacked and put my things inside of it, I don’t know how long I will be here. I decided to take a shower and clean myself up before I go down to check out the rest of this hotel. I brushed my long red hair into a high pony tail and I was off to check out the hotel.

As I went down the stairs, I smelled the beautiful aroma once again and decided to grab a plate for myself. I went up to the clerk and looked at the menu; some of the things did not look good at all. So I went with some steak, bread, and a Pepsi. I asked for some steak sauce and poured some over my steak and cut a piece off. It tasted delicious, just like I had expected and now I was moving over to the bread. Everything on my plate was very delicious. I whipped my mouth on my napkin as a strange man passed by my table; I didn’t like the looks of him or his aura, it was a mixture of Black and violet. Just by looking at him, you can tell that he can snap at any minute. I got up and went walking around the hotel, trying to get my mind off of him. In a way, that man really gave me a bad feeling and it scares me. I am only 16, so I can’t go check out the bar and I decided to take a walk in the town. I was not expecting what was going to happen next. It was a wolf!

The wolf before me was a silver-grey and had big yellow eyes that seemed to burrow right into my soul. It had jumped out right in front of me and it knocked me over. Before I knew it, I was chasing the wolf. It had the same aura as that strange man that passed by my table. I ran after it even into the forest and it finally came to a stop when it turned to me and growled I froze. “Your aura is black and violet and uh, are you hurt at all?” What was I doing, talking to a wolf? I must be crazy! I shook my head to the right then the left as I turned around to leave as I heard a man’s voice. “You can see my aura?” Wait, a man? I was talking to a wolf. I turned around to see a man in nothing but jeans. He had big arms that are bigger than my legs and a six pack. His hair was black with a hint of silver with fiery yellow eyes that reminded me of the wolf. He was very tall, now I recognized him. “The strange man that passed by my table!” I accidently yelled, pointing at him. He looked at me like I was stupid and burst out laughing at me. I flushed bright red and put my arm down, looking away from him.

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Comment by scribbler on January 20, 2010 at 2:39pm
Diana, here's a bit of advice. It's very very hard to read a wall of text. People don't like to do that because it's hard to follow and tough on the eyes. I read two paragraphs then stopped when I saw that giant block of text that came next. I'd suggest you should reorganize your piece into paragraphs and you may get more reading it to the end. Do you want some help with it or just to show it off? It's good if you let us know. :)
Comment by Diana Davis on January 20, 2010 at 10:14pm
Thank you for the help. Im not showing off because i have nothing to show off, i just wanted some help. Again, thank you, Scribbler.


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