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Chapter 1 Nightmare

Everything was dark; I saw two spots of light. The first one showed a mini clip and I was sitting in my chair across the table from a very pale man. From what I could see, he had green-yellow eyes and shoulder length black hair. Apparently I was talking to him; I think we were negotiating something. The next spot of light, I was sitting in class next to Zoe and Jocelyn and I was looking at the new transfer student. When it ended, everything went black and there were dead bodies of people I felt like I was suppose to know and did not know, blood on my hands and a handsome man walking very slowly to me. When I woke up, I woke up screaming. I jumped up out of bed with tears rolling down my face as my big brother Andrew came bursting into my room and came over to me and hugged me. He kissed me on the cheek and went back to bed as I walked over to the window and opened it to feel the cool night breeze. I looked up at the full moon that seemed to be staring back at me. ‘What kind of dream was that?’ I asked the moon silently. ‘2 men is that a vision of things soon to come, or just a plain nightmare?’
Chapter 2 Wolves
I woke up the next morning and got ready for another day of high school at Brooklyn Center high. I was entering school grounds when I heard my best friends Zoe and Jocelyn yell my name. Zoe was about 5”6 tall now and she had long dark red hair that went down to her butt with purple outlined glasses. Jocelyn had long dark brown hair that went down to her middle back and she was about 3 months older than me, Zoe is 6 months younger than me. I turned around just in time for their hands to land on my shoulders and the scary thing about it was that they both had on their sly smiles. “Okay, what’s up with those smiles?” Zoe jumped up and down as she started. “I have a date with Aaron from the neighboring class!” She said smiling and giggling at us. I sighed at her and looked at Jocelyn, waiting for her to say something. “Well,” Jocelyn said as Zoe and I looked at her. “Before I met up with you two, Ed from my 6th hour class asked me on a date, tonight!” Zoe and I looked at her and screamed and hugged her. We all talked about what they should wear and what might happen and everything else that there was to talk about on the subject. We walked and talked to and from our lockers to first hour and sat in our seats. First hour had not even started yet, so Jocelyn and Zoe and I all sat next to each other to continue our conversation. “I had a freaky dream last night! It had 2 men in it, it was very creepy because” I was cut off. I looked around to find the class had filled up so quickly and my 8th grade Advisory teacher, Ms. Jones stood up and walked to the front of the classroom as Jocelyn and Zoe went back to their seats. “Good morning class.” She said as we repeated. “We have a new student today. Please come in John.” She said as he came walking into the classroom. He was close to 6”0 tall and he was wearing a shirtsleeve shirt that showed his huge arms and long dark jeans. He had long beautiful silk like black hair pulled back into a tie and ocean blue eyes that were looking intensely at me. He was staring at me the entire time Ms. Jones was talking and I guess she noticed. “Ms. Davis, why don’t you show John here around at lunch?” Me? I thought. I looked at Zoe and Jocelyn and they both nodded at me so I stood up. “Okay Ms. Jones I will. Hi John, I am Diana. Nice to meet you.” He looked at Ms. Jones and back at me before answering. “Nice to meet you, too.” Ms. Jones pointed him in the direction of the chair next to me, leaving me in the middle of Zoe and John.
The first five classes went by to quickly for me. It was now lunch time, so I showed him where the cafeteria was and we got our lunches and sat down with Jocelyn and Zoe. I finished eating my food and so did John, we put our treys away and started the tour of the school. I showed John all the classrooms, the 2 gyms, and the staff rooms. He asked if we could go back to class so I looked at his schedule and since we have the same 6th hour class together, I brought him to the gym and he went into the boy’s locker room while I went into the girls. I came back out after I changed my shirt and sat down in my squad. Ms. Sinniger announced that we will be testing each other’s skills one at a time in front of the class. She decided to go in ABC order after the warm ups, so I was 8th in line.

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