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It's a relief to complete a manuscript, especially one you've worked on for 2 years and 3 months. Since I've been writing I learned you have to write, and rewrite, and re-rewrite your manuscript to check for typos, book flow, and to make your work better.

As a writer I share a common feeling of satisfaction when I've completed a manuscript for editing. But that doesn't mean the work stops there. There are manuscript changes to accept or delete, book covers to work on, marketing your novel.

It seems like yesterday when THE SANDMAN was released as the feeling of accomplishment in writing returns. And what a change of pace this next book will be!

Writers naturally want our books to be read. Speaking for myself, I've been an admirer of artists my whole life. Artists are painters, musicians, speakers, teachers, singers, etc. My contribution to the world of art is writing books. I cannot play the fiddle, but I can work a laptop keyboard pretty good....Or so I'm told.

I chose a comedy/drama about life in a home improvement retail store for a number of reasons, but the main was to reach out to readers of all genre. If everyone on the planet has one thing in common, it's that we all at one time in our life worked in a retail job. I figure anyone visiting a bookstore or online retailer will be able to relate to my novel, which is why I chose to write this type---A first type for me.

My other manuscripts are action novels because those are the type I love to read. Many writers write what they like to read, so this has been a challenge, but fun type of challenge. The research wasn't so hard because I've been in retail home improvement for 20-plus years. I even managed to be blessed with a promotion to store manager of Pacific Sales in Chula Vista, CA. Considering I've been working for that opportunity for 20-plus years I feel that, too, falls under an accomplishment.

In all I've done, writing has given me more satisfaction than anything I've worked on. I'm not referring to marriage, being a father, or serving my country, all of which have provided me with self-worth in ways no words can describe (no pun intended).

In a way, writing has allowed me to contribute to that world of art I mentioned that one time seemed so distant, even unattainable at times. But like many of you, I too persevered and have accomplished a lifelong dream of being a published author.

....And now I'm another step closer to realizing that dream again as my manuscript for my next novel is under bid for editing.

....And that is the Fun in Writing!

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