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'Sleeper's Mandrake'- #2020 World Vision.

Conscious Creativity Series.

Prose & Images- Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

(A Copyright labour of love work.) x


Stephanie's December Blog.

The below image depicts my sobering, ethereal dream from the night of 1st December 2019, when a super-massive sonic boom shook my home in north London.  The noise was caused by two Typhoon RAF aircraft intercepting a Boeing 767-300 jet at super-sonic speed...(1)  This macabre incident is a sign of our times, a dystopian reminder that we are living in a troubled, deeply divided socio-political sphere as we enter the year 2020. 

Society has developed a remarkable sense of capitalistic egotistical myopia despite advances in technology and culture this century.  Our digitally interactive world is leaving humanity in a constant state of angst, uncertainty and animosity for fellow beings.  A sense of existential crises is looming as we are poised to reach the year Anno Domini 2020, in the year of our Lord...


This post forms a count-down to not only the seasonal period in celebration of the life of Christ, but also marks advent of the coming of age of humanity as we reach 2020.  In a Jungian sense, we are all certainly in need of re-connecting with our inner strength dwelling within our soul.

Below are some short illustrated excerpts from my 2019 release:

'Valhalla- Loving Fearlessly'. a work juxtaposing the serenity of Judeo-Christian traditions, with the primal sanctum of the Norse Pagan culture, celebrating the mystical, mercurial domain of the nine- realms of being.

Valhalla is a detached sphere of belonging, empowered by the traditional Munch genre scream of the innocent 'sleeper's mandrake', which will form substance for my next text in the year 2020 for the #ConsciousCreativity Series.

*December featured cause at base of blog feature are 'World Vision' UK.


Reference source:

1. Guardian Source, Dec 2019. Sonic Boom, London.

 Image: Grandfather Odin. The all father of time, of fate.


Spiritual Maxims for 2020.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Nikola Tesla.


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” Holy Bible.  John 1:1 


 # + #

Feel the love in creation, cherish the sacred word.

Writing & oratory is a noble gift from the one unifying divine God.


Excerpts from Stephanie Lynne Thorburn's 2019 work

'Valhalla- Loving Fearlessly'-

#ConsciousCreativity Series.


The book of Valhalla is Stephanie Lynne Thorburn’s home world. 


As an energy healer and spiritual humanist, I believe passionately in the sacred lineage of ‘the word’.   Language & lexis possess divine cosmic vibrational resonance. 




Welcome to the gallows of ‘Valhalla’ an organically cultivated book dedicated to fearless creative spirits.  Valhalla in Norse mythology constitutes a second heaven, forming a home for the fearless slain in battle- a kingdom of bliss, where righteous spiritual warriors continue to grow & learn.  Valhalla Loving Fearlessly is an etude on living a noble fearless life of amour, driven by an indignant sense of joie de vivre.




Valhalla represents the lifeworld of the prime movers of the electric universe- Thor, Odin, Freya, Frigg, Tyr & many more. Valhalla is a paradoxical paradise, exemplified by a definitive Kings list, deifying the spirits of Samadhi who have slain death.  The Valhalla’s Kings list, channelled by S. Thorburn is more penetrating than the Norse canon will allow.  Spiritual dignitaries are related like matryoshka dolls, with Thor emerging from the quintessence of Enlil, Christ from Osiris, Solomon from the gnosis & creativity of Enki.  I, Odin have broken the mould from Yahweh, plying my own autonomous unique path within Valhalla’s fateful fortress.  Yet, Goddess Gaia reigns supreme.


Thus is it so that the human canon of theological protagonists has become entirely entangled in the web of the Midgard serpent Jormungand, bound together in a genealogical web.  The Valhalla all time King’s list comprises Gods, mortals and Kings housed lovingly through within the branches of the world tree Yggdrasil.


Welcome to a noir paradise.”


Endnote: Kings List.

 Norse Goddess Freya.

  • ‘Valhalla- Loving Fearlessly’, explores the language of soul, the divine source, the sun.


The author supports empowerment through literacy; practical, spiritual and emotional literacy.

See: 'Valhalla- Loving Fearlessly'.


Yggdrasil, world tree.

Featured Cause:  World Vision UK.


*World vision are an international charity dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children worldwide.  x


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