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Force Majeure- Storm Atiyah

'Earth Oracle', Xmas 2019.

Earth Anomalies December. 

Prose & Artwork:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. x

(Copyright labour of love 2019.)

'Great Joy & Great Revelation'.
 This December instead of investing cerebral time and energy into the UK General Election, I elected instead to return to my studies of Grand Master Reiki 15 Degree (Finding Great Joy) and Degree 16, (The Great Revelation).  Despite 2019 representing 101 Years since women gained franchise, it is increasingly becoming clear that universal voting rights are rather a democratic ritual & chore associated with political sophistry of the powerful...  Mother Earth and her incumbents are  struggling to obtain peace, joy, harmony and happiness.
Having become attuned to Reiki GM 15 & 16 over the past week, gradual incremental changes in my constitutional 'humours' have taken place.   Mother Earth has yet to reciprocate, she is certainly proving to be a rather terse 'Night nurse'; on morning of 1st December I was shaken by London's 'Sonic Boom', and last night 8th December, further Earth geological anomalies followed...
I was dimly aware during the small hours of a further large concerted sonic 'gushing', followed by constant atmospheric 'white noise', visceral grumbles and low-flying aviation, as flights were disrupted by Storm Atiyah.

Subsequently, I then took a different tact in my research and effected a 'rational-emotive' organic algorithm search.  My instinct that the phenomena I heard was multi-layered was in fact upheld.  On 6th December there was a concerted Earthquake in Somerset, apparently due to geothermal irregularities historically known to affect this region.  The second quake of 4.5 however was recorded over Taunton. These quakes generated booms, shaking etc. 
Last night there was indeed a 4.5 Earthquake in Tuscany, Italy.  See: Daily Mail, Earthquake Tuscany. 9th December.
Rosetta Connective Link:
On 5th December it was reported in 'The Conversation' that students at the 70th Anniversary NATO conference held @ The Grove, Herts last week, urged world leaders to respond to the recent Earthquake in Albania in view of co-ordinating an improved response to a potential a seismic Earthquake in the Mediterranean region. Source: The Conversation- NATO Response to Earthquake concerns.
At the conference students from British International Studies Association engaged with 'Model NATO', discussing co-ordinated crisis planning for humanitarian aid.
Clearly real life is no simulation currently.  The recent BISA exercise in strategical planning was ironic & demonstrates the awareness of military & security services regarding the unnaturally high frequency of Earthquakes in the past year alone.  There are presently few 'triangulated' digital news resources accessible, 'Earth anomalies' are forever subject to anecdotal evidence.
Conclusion- If in doubt, move beyond purely secular sources & consult Book of Revelation!
Holy Bible- New International Version.
I explored Book of Revelation for 9:12 today, and this is the message I retrieved: 
"The first woe is past, two other woes are yet to come".
In the US dates are however often cited in opposition to UK protocol. So I alternately cited Book of Revelation 12:9 and there is more hyperbole: "The great dragon was hurtled down, that ancient snake called the devil or Satan..  He was hurtled to the earth and his angels with him"...
Well, this gospel prophecy is certainly entertaining.  I will however continue to triangulate my Earth anomalous sources to highlight the unease of Gaia into 2020.
Thank you to:  Fellow author extraordinaire Nick Pope. 
Nick is a connoisseur of human anomalous phenomena.  He used to work for the MoD between 1991 and '94 investigating the defense significance of UFOs.  Nick has written some extremely informative, astute and analytical work including a co-authored work on Rendlesham Forest (2014) and has penned further diverse sources addressing alien abduction and other phenomena related to the domain of 'Noetic sciences'.  Thank you to Nick for responding to my report on the London UK 'Sonic Boom'- the Exopolitics community can be rather insular, we need to share insights and experiences more wisely.  My #ConsciousCreativity initiative supports fellowship between authors.
Author's December Personal Cause:  World Vision UK
Stephanie Lynne Thorburn:  Amazon Kindle Author & Artists Page.


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