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Persephone- my spiritual persona.

*New cover image for Kindle work- ''Valhalla- Loving Fearlessly''.

'Creativity- A Love Supreme'?

#ConsciousCreativity #CreativeFranchise

Art & prose:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Copyright 2019, Labour of love, Gaea Earth webs.

I am writing this post on National Writing Day- a timely initiative by the Arts Council of England.

Normally, I would embrace the concept and write a gratitude genre blog in support of creativity.

Today, I will keep my blog succinct, because this freelance writer is unwell & on strike!

(In a truly dignified manner). x * I do now concur that writing necessarily is a skill that may yield "pleasure & power" for authors in the modern world.  Many writers such as myself feel disenfranchised... Here is 'my story'...


Sustainable Creativity?


Yes, I give my full support to the excellence of the Arts Council per se and naturally to the nurturance of creative potential.  My most recent work in the #ConsciousCreativity Trinity is written for writers & artists and contains a reflexive chapter marked- 'Amazon- Axis Mundi'- about the modern media matrix. I have been trying to outreach to the creative community regarding the plight of writer & artists in the digital world- especially those like myself with health disabilities. 

I am presently sitting feeling dreadfully ill with Lupus having completed another major labour of love writing project titled: 'Valhalla- Loving Fearlessly'.  The best one may hope for nowadays by way of a support is a couple of 'thumbs up' on a blog or Kindle link, and a few friends or family members potentially purchasing the lovingly completed work as an compassionate act of empathy.  The commercial market is frankly totally flat & rather impervious even to creative excellence, if produced independently, by 'proletarian' hand.  In fact the infrastructure of the publishing industry forms a really elitist clique to put it mildly. 

Gaining support for living costs, health expenses and for one's next work is difficult enough.  Fortunate that I have over time connected with friends in social networking groups, who are literally waiting for the release of a number of my books- especially those in support of raising awareness for humanitarian causes.  As an independent publisher/ author I have thus built my own resource infrastructure and instilled higher purpose via the creation of Humanitarian Healing webs & Gaia Earth webs.  Creativity therefore must be balanced with strategy & awareness raising...

Pivotal Creative Concepts: -

#ConsciousCreativity #SustainableCreativity.

Consciouscreativity is related to the notion of Sustainable Creativity.

Sustainable creativity concerns lifestyle & welfare issues.

At this time, it is extremely difficult for those who work in creative professions to even achieve a subsistence wage to live. Further, writers & artists can take steps to minimise their ‘carbon footprint’ through the Kindle platform- seeking to live and produce labour of love work in a manner that sustains their needs, at no cost to the environment. Consciouscreativity involves the evolution of new ethical values. To manifest positive changes in the publishing industry requires a change first in cultural expectations… Sustainable creativity however involves far more steps towards creative sustainability than merely opting to purchase texts via the Kindle platform. Thankfully we consider carefully nowadays our impact on the environment-Yet, #Consciouscreativity & #Sustainablecreativity are actually human concepts.  Increasingly we are forgetting human needs in an in-organic digital environment. Sustainable creativity concerns lifestyle, physical & psychological well-being of those in the creative professions; issues rarely addressed adequately.

Creative Franchise.

Amazon Kindle dignify the opportunity to publish independently, however, not many readers will purchase books even for a few pennies in the modern technological era. Being a disabled writer or artist is frequently isolating, with little reward for contribution to literacy. We need to raise awareness in the publishing industry of the barriers authors now face. A positive incremental change is needed to recognise the potential of latent creative talent, with particular support focused on those with special needs.

"Brave New World'- #SustainableCreativity Labour of love works.

*Please support the future of creative literacy. Authors should not be rendered invisible, with the value of ‘the word’ increasingly diminished.  Obtain a sample of a book you value and ultimately if favourable, do purchase the work if reasonably priced Please also consider both fiction and non-fiction!  Fiction at this time appears to have gained a hegemony in the market.  I produce artistic biographies and work on alternative health titles; although popular, this material is less well supported by the book industry per se.

 - Positive constructive feedback is valued.  Authors and artists are also frequently judged in public forums — a culture of greater support and rapport would help to share experiences and professional wisdom in the company of fellow kindred spirits! 

Nb: Digital Rights Management is a blessing to avoid duplication of one's work for free throughout the internet. 


*Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is authoring the #ConsciousCreativity series.

Her first release was 'Mother Earth's Beatitudes' & her new Summer title is:

'Valhalla- Loving Fearlessly'.


All works are written for fellow authors, artists and creative spirits.


Key Resource Links:

National Writing Day, 26th June 2019: NWD- Arts Council UK.

(Events, social networking, encouraging enfranchisement of educators and writers.

National Literacy Trust-

Independent organisation empowering children, schools

& communities through commitment to literacy.

* National Literacy Day is scheduled for 8th September.

Namaste, June 2019. x

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