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Recently a discussion came about concerning what was most important to authors. Is it creating a highly profitable sales base? Or is it to become so well known you become a daily household name? Or is it simply to see your works so well promoted in a cost efficient manner that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy your work?  For me personally its become more of a promotional thing. All my books are currently sold through my website at basically the cost of printing, shipping to me, and reshipping to an interested reader. Profits are nice but I'd much rather just see my stories being enjoyed. From the start my wife and I both agreed and understood that profiting from my books wasn't necessary to live the simple life we're accustomed to. With me being a behind the scenes type of person becoming a household name wasn't a concern either. I simply want to see as many readers as possible enjoying my stories at the lowest possible price I can offer them at. Some had said my way of thinking is an insult to other authors seeking their career endeavors through writing. Others have said its just a gimmick to sell more books. If I'm making them available for avid readers to enjoy without my seeking to create a profit base is that a bad thing? The real reason I write is so others can enjoy the pleasure of reading it. I'd really like to know what others think about my way of thinking. Am I wrong in doing things this way? Am I really hindering the chances of success for other authors by doing this? Let me know what you think please.

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