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Hi everyone. My full name is William O'Neil but I go by W.J. O'Neil more often than not. I'm a father to 5 and a grandfather to 9 (with yet another on the way!) I've been making up and telling stories to my kids for about 20 years now. About 5 yrs ago my wife (Mary) & the kids coaxed me (more like hounded) into putting one of them into print. In order to keep the kids out of a swampy area by the house I told them about what was in it. I've spent the last few years writing "Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp / Gramp's Journal" over and over until Mary and I finally figured I had it right. I decided to go with the self-publishing route since it seemed to be a lot easier at first. Little did I realize the truth! However, the first book is now available in print & e-book so I guess its a good start for a novice. At least I hope so. The second book is currently being proof-read and hopefully will be ready soon. I also am the author of "The Adventures of Ernie I Saw" which is a Read, Recognize, and Remember series I created for beginning readers. I just wanted a way to see their smiles, hear their laughter, and answer their questions while stirring their interest in reading to learn. I don't ever seeing myself rich or famous, mostly because I like being a simple man & living a simple life. However I would like to see my books being enjoyed by avid readers everywhere. I know i've got a lot to learn and a long ways to go and I hope in joining I've started out in the right direction. My websites were just put up and I know they need a lot too, but I've added the links if anyone is interested. Thanks everyone for letting me bend your ears. &

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