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Human demands never run backwardly rather than having a strong affinity to run ascending orderly.

Having met one demand costly the next demand arise as more than costly very immediate after the previous demand crucially!

Likely, the theory of demand economically, as decreasing supply of a commodity tends to increasing demand largely!

So human demands behavioral theory, make them unhappy garrulously to be depriving all the low income family from their basic needs non-discretionally.

That’s why demand is a strong addiction for some people who are known as greedy men psychologically!

Basically, all the greedy men never be satisfied what they have presently whatever It is very large or abundantly!

To be a Millionaire or a Billionaire is a strong addiction that makes them mentally instable & predatory!

Demand and motivation are positively correlated, as the more demand intensity, the higher their motivation functionally!

All the richest men in this world have reached their present economical richness state seemingly.

For an instance, the richest man of this present world Bill gate next and immediate demand could be remaining the first position as long as he alive earthly.

Afterward, when a homeless man becomes the owner of an ordinary house by his heart & souls efforts making brutally, his next or immediate demand is to become the owner of a costly apartment building contently.

Successively, demand after demand meeting for this homeless man converting him a feeling less Robotic man to be conquered all materialism in this world alone & individually!

By nature, any greedy man can’t be happy in their lives due to their uncontrolled addictions severity along with family and all family members very regretfully.

Hankers after too much money, materialism wealth, and very high social status a greedy man lost his most valuable natural entitlement unknowingly as health, family peace and above all the best life element love & family accompany!

As a result, a greedy man passed his life spun only earning all demanding materialism unconsciously by crossing over all competitions ‘with rivalry.

Due to continue strong stressful lives and anxiety create an adverse situation for him to have some physical & mental rests to be stable wholly.

But when the man really want to have some physical & mental rest, love, and accompany with his loving family, he then explore himself lying in the hospital bed or a cabin as patient Terminally.

Very sadly, when he came to know that he is having a fatal & deadly disease (May be cancer or something like this) and no more time to have some breathing largely then he gets his consciousness  but only for his penitent & regretting till death helplessly!

After his death an episode will be appearing to him in the graveyard as his whole lives brutally earning money are misusing by his all family members enjoying something unnecessary & useless purposes negatively.

On the other hand, all corruptions, bribery, and unfair means are take place by all greedy men; due to their foundation of moral courage is very weak or ignorable honesty & integrity.

Their discretion is always works to do everything illegal and unlawfully for their own family development & economic stability.

Greedy men always suffers from many social conformity and Identity crisis to be equalized them with all highly social status by their corrupted and bribe -ring money.

A corrupted person over the time become a nakedly corrupted person by maintaining strong syndicate networking with all high official men, supreme authority, also co-worker or subordinate variably.

Evident says that most of the corrupted and less than honesty greedy men become very pious

& so called social worker by donating more than expecting money to many religious Institutions, and social & charitable organization to relief from all their sins they made previously.

These are their one type of social exposing to be a very good and kind man to the mass people of the society apparently.

Any greedy and corrupted man is too much afraid & panic to their death and next lives accountability and hell punishment for their offence and guilty.

Although these men pretend to be happy for their so called social & charitable activities but internally they always suffers from their cognitive miseries continuously.

So, hypothetically it is very truth that any greedy man whoever is he never gets any mental peace for their all bad Karma in here also to be in the hereafter trtuthfully.

















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