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Everything looks very beautiful and good when someone in delighted mood.

Having eaten junk food feels as if eaten some royal food.

Before beg something very costly approved all demands gladly.

Become very kind hearted and devotional without any thinking negatively.

Willingly talk to others continuously regardless someone listening or not attentively.

Too much delighting & overwhelming reflected by some behavioral disorder emotionally.

Mental state becomes little restless, excited, and positive instability.

Walking, working, and eating everything become very tasteful without any complaint adversely.

Behavioral patterns or personality become very social and friendly.

Forget all cruel reality rather absorb in various Imaginations, day dreaming, and feelings heavenly.

Lives become unimpeachable & praiseworthy by ignoring all sad, sorrow, and misery.

Sleeping in a slum homelessly feels sleeping in a royal palace as a family dynasty.

Modesty and social etiquette tends too much civilized and formality.

Inversely everything looks annoying and ugly when someone mind mood becomes disorderly.

All tasteful food and meals seems to be tasteless and unhealthy.

Lives become meaningless, aimless, and hopeless by feeling hell punishment drastically.

No begging and kind requests are allowed to do something good & favor to be devotionally.

Disappears all civilized norms and courtesy by appearing all primitive activity.

All negative emotional activities become dominant by suppressing all positive thinking inactively.

Some aggressive moods expose many drastically vulnerable activities to do harm someone physical or mentally.

During walking along the road extreme aggressive moods might make some pushing, dashing, and bullying any pedestrian defiantly.

Some annoying moods expose many unpleasant activities as moral hazards, irritation, and discomforts randomly.

So, human minds are very mysterious and unpredictable to be control or stable symmetrically.

All unpleasant & unwanted activities of human beings are the reflections or projection of their mind states or moods circumstantially.

One mind but many entities or dimensions behaviorally due to minds complicated diversity.

That only knows and can control our creator, God, or Almighty.





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