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High ambitious, challenging, and very time oriented to perform any task in hurry without wasting a single moment of time unnecessary is known as A type personality preferably!

Well educated, highly competitive, and feel the pressure of time constantly working flat out to achieving goals success and abundantly!

Hate failure aggressively, work hard to avoid it for enjoy achievement of goals, with greater enjoyment in achieving more difficult goals dynamically!

Anxiety and stress levels are very high for which tend to various heart diseases to be a premature death early!

Very passionate & innovative, if necessary zeal to create competition with all rivalry very intelligently to be successful over them comprehensively!

Strong affinity to having many difficult tasks by rushing to be achieved targeted vision very quickly to catch another assignment without interval leisurely!

Success rates are very high in terms of quality and quantity in a short time very efficiently!

Due to analytical to any critical task or assignment having ability to defined and arranged working procedures logical & sequentially!

Always take work home due to pressed for time at and after work and try to do everything himself without depending to others for any help or co operations subordinate or superiorly!

Having a strong need to excel to be successful in each and every assignment by mastery!

Also having trouble finding time to get hair cut or style willingly and used to eat any dinner, lunch, and suppers rapidly!

Feel or act impatient when have/has to wait in the line spending time more than expected time as patiently!

Get irritated easily as hostility, always bossy and domineering to other in all relevant concern of task or assignment by a mind of specialty!

Most of them become very successful intelligent in earthly, in terms wealth famous and money but very less of them can consume and enjoy all accumulated output all live hard efforts continuously!

On the other hand, Individuals belonging type A personality and B personality are completely opposite to each other behaviorally!

People belonging to B type personality can deal with stress, usually do not suffer from anxiety and hence, are not at the risk of coronary and heart diseases deadly!

One of their major traits of B type personality is that they do not get irritated and angry easily!

They are usually laid back and relaxed in all adverse situations, rarely tend to be aggressive and or frustrated due to their sound patience and self control capacity!

Basically, all Individuals of this type personality are slow and steady to complete any tasks or assignment in a good order habitually!

They are not obsessively competitive rather most of their competitiveness more productive and they can easily face things and situations as they come manmade or naturally!

About all of this personality type Individuals are very tolerant and flexible and does not mind to Waite in the line to get their work done mainly!

They are psychologically emotional (positive) and expressive personality due to they are very social and having strong social solidarity!

Besides, people of B type personality have controlled eating habits and life style sequentially but they do not have any obsessive and compulsive habits like A type personality!

They often tend to procrastinating things and do their work at the last moment and even they do not get stressed to done any task lately!

Significantly they usually have a good social life, with relaxation, enjoyment, and fun comes very naturally to them for which they spend their free time in socialization, shopping or having a good time delightfully!

Due to very calm & quiet nature they rarely victimized by any coronary and heart diseases to be dead early as a premature dead regretfully!

Most of them of this personality type live longer than any A type personality Individuals comparatively with happily!

Remarkably, not necessarily it does mean all individuals of both personality types will possess all traits of their respective personality type wholly; rather two individuals of same personality type can differ by traits asymmetrically!

In addition, there is two more type of personality as C type personality and D type personality that will be discussed in later time conveniently!



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