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Skip was standing at the counter, enjoying dipping his doughnuts in his hot coffee.  I could see he was in another world... the world of tasting something so good!


Skip loves doughnuts.  Not only loves doughnuts, he can make them.  Skip can bake, cook with the best of them.  These doughnuts passed the test... they were 'perfect'.  Skip loves to tell me about how doughnuts are supposed to be made... don't overproof them, don't over-cook... under-cook them. 


If a doughnut is overproofed, it'll have a slight alcohol taste.  If the doughnut rises rapidly to the top in the oil, the dough is right.


Watching Skip enjoy his doughnuts, dipping each in coffee... made me want one!  I couldn't have one 'just yet'!  I had to keep watching, waiting..... I 'knew' something was going to happen!


I didn't have long to wait!  "Someone has bitten this doughnut!"  I just found this doughnut with a h*** bitten out of it, hidden in the box!"


"Oh, Skip.. I wonder who would do such a thing?!"  I looked at Skip with such surprise, my eyes opened wide in amazement that someone would do such a thing!  Who would do that?  Not only 'who'.... but, the idea that they would hide it back in the box... with the 'bitten area' placed to the bottom. 


I told Skip that I bet one of the younger people who was there selling those doughnuts at Sam's Club... bit that h*** out, then ... turned it so, it wouldn't be seen... placed it back into the box!  I just knew that's what happened.  Skip believed that it must be what happened, also.... until............


"There weren't any young people selling those doughnuts yesterday!"   Skip was suspicious.... as he played over in his mind when we bought the doughnuts yesterday evening.  "That man who was selling them was as old as I", he said.  Skip looked straight at me, causing....


I began laughing alot!  He 'knew' I was the culprit!  Granny Gee bit the h*** out of that doughnut!  She had the nerve to turn it so, the bite wouldn't show... she hid it in the middle of the box!  Yep!  I did it!


I was amazed that Skip remembered there weren't young people at the doughnut sell.... there are always young people selling them.  (Sorry, young people.... I had to blame it on somebody!  I apologize! :)))


It goes to show.... that no matter if you bite a doughnut, hide it somewhere in the box.. it'll surely be discovered... sooner or later!



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