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By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I put frozen pieces of banana into the blender, along with crushed ice, a little cream.  I blended until the texture was thick, smooth.... it became banana ice cream!  I learned to do this from looking at recipe sites on my computer.  Oh, it's heavenly!


I spooned all into a cup, found my favorite spoon ( it is a long, slender teaspoon :))).  I took all outside on the porch to sit on the brightly, colored pillows on the built-in bench.


I sat down to enjoy eating that ice cream... when I became aware of a little nudge... why, there was Kissy standing there.  Chadwick was standing behind him!  Their eyes were focused on my cup!  Oh no, you can't have my banana ice cream... I wanted it!


"No, Kissy... you and Chadwick go on... this banana ice cream is for me!"  They wouldn't go anywhere.. they were focused on getting my treat!


I sat there in the warm sunshine taking little spoonfuls to make it last longer, enjoying that banana ice cream until... I began to feel guilty.  Shame on me for not giving them my banana ice cream!


They were still standing in the same place, their precious eyes watching, wanting... waiting for me to give them some.  I couldn't take another bite, I felt so 'mean' for not sharing with them!


Instead of finishing it, I began to take turns with Kissy and Chadwick, to feed them my banana ice cream.  Each time I fed one pup, I called them by their name.  Kissy... Chadwick... Kissy... Chadwick... until it was all gone!


As I watched them as they enjoyed that ice cream... I watched their little-big faces, so spoiled, so precious... their little-big baby mouths as they ate.  My heart melted, I felt it 'squeeze' with such love in my chest.  I'm glad I gave them my banana ice cream!


Our Pups are sweet banana Pups!







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