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'Mother Earth's Beatitudes'-




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New Year, New Decade- 2020.

Prose & Digital Artwork:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


Photography. thanks to:  Derry Thorburn. x

Labour of Love, Copyright 2019.


A Happy New Year 2020 to the community!

Wishing you all happiness, health & inner peace.


As humanity reaches a significant land mark, I will celebrate my vision of peace and unity through the soulful iconography of native animal spirits.  For all of us, the year 2020 will mark the fruition of new beginnings & an uncertain future for our ancestral Mother Earth.

Mercurial emotions rest within the heart of many of us as we broach an entirely new decade in the chapter of our lives.  The intuitive feelings within the core of Earth's life-bearing soul are aligned to our own uncertain emotions and humours... Gaia is reaching out to us for assistance, as many indigenous animal species remain vulnerable to extinction.  The past few years have seen a Renaissance of collective conscious awareness in relation to the plight of Earth's most supreme treasure, life itself. 

- The below images honor dearly departed animal spirits whom I have loved and lost this decade.

The digital art is a work in progress for my book:  'Amazon- Axis Mundi' Book 2. #ConsciousCreativity.

Book 1 in the series is,  'Mother Earth's Beatitudes', released spring 2019. See: 'Mother Earth's Beatitudes'.



Thank you to Derry Thorburn for original organic wildlife photography.

I enjoyed working on these glorious images. x

Raika- ZSL, retired, 2010.  Image:  Derry Thorburn & Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Sumatran tiger x

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Spike- Whipsnade, bless his soul.  Image:  Derry Thorburn & Stephanie Lynne. x

Abi, dearly departed, ZSL.  Loving Mother lioness who nurtured many cubs.

Image:  Derry Thorburn & Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. x



The seeds of new life:  Kriya Tree of life. x

Tree of enlightenment by: Stephanie Lynne.



Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is an author and artist. 

Over the past few years she has written & illustrated a collection of labour of love Kindle books themed on creativity, spirituality & Mother Earth. 

Her best-sellers include:  'Mother Earth's Beatitudes', Preface, Janet Bruce.

*Stephanie Lynne is founder of the nascent:

Humanitarian Healing web and

Gaea Earth web.


See: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn- Author & Artist, Kindle.


Featured Causes:

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World Wildlife Foundation

Page dedicated to survival of native Sumatran tigers.


Humanitarian cause:

World Vision UK

As ever, I would urge the community of Authors to support World Vision, an international children's charity offering light & hope into the lives of disadvantaged children internationally.  x

Kirlian Image: Toto, dearly departed Feb 2018, died on his 20th birthday. x


Deeply missed, his ashes remain at the heart of the family home by Grandad Victor's bench.

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