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Ginger Baker- bohemian resonance, spirit of Thor! x In loving memory.


‘Seminal Bunbury Tales:  Crown of Thor'.


Prose & Art:  By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

+ Copyright 2019-2020.




'Seminal Bunbury Tales- Crown of Thor',  This book is a #ConsciousCreativity title.


See: 'Seminal Bunbury Tales- Crown of Thor'.

Preface features: 

Robert Stigwood & Bill Wyman's humble creative blessings.

 The prose & art celebrate 33rd Anniversary of Bunbury Cricket Club.  Bunbury CC. were formed in 1986 by RSO President Dr. David English, with a little help from Eric Clapton & a host of stellar friends from the domains of the popular music and sport.  The pro-celebrity sports club has raised over 17 million for major charities including Leukaemia Research UK since its inception.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn’s Humanitarian Healing Web (HHW) would like to especially thank friends: Dr. David English, Bill Wyman, kindred spirit Robert Stigwood, Janet Bruce & Nettie Baker for contribution to ‘Seminal Bunbury Tales’. The Kindle book will shortly be developed to a paperback edition, supporting ethos of HHW .


 HHW commends the entirety of the ‘Bunbury CC’ community for humour, generosity & good grace demonstrated humbly over the past thirty-three years!



Energy art- Bill Wyman portrait, inspired by 'Monkey Grip' and 'Nuclear Reactions';

Bill's solo archive...


'Seminal Bunbury Tales- Crown of Thor' contains 'energy art'

illustrations, capturing the spirit of Bill Wyman, Eric Clapton & Sir Barry Gibb .


Bunbury Books & Humanitarian Causes:

Over time, Stephanie’s has dedicated much work & attention to honoring RSO & Bunbury CC. Kindle book, 'Rock Orators- Immortal Generation'. Kindle. is a biography of rock containing archive content on David English, Bunbury CC, Bill Wyman, Eric Clapton & Cream.

'David English, RSO Legacy & Bunbury CC. Tales'.  was her first Bunbury book release. The work is a compilation of all her features on Bunbury CC. written as a labour of love over fifteen years...

This year we have lost the late Great Ginger Baker, who joins Robert Stigwood, & many other fellow RSO immortal legends in heaven.  The RSO Legacy is cast at half- mast to respect the loss of such immutable talent… 2019 represented the 33rd Anniversary of Bunbury CC.  Stephanie Lynne was subsequently moved to produce a special illustrated anniversary book as a corollary to her best-seller 'David English & RSO Legacy'.

'Seminal Bunbury Tales- Crown of Thor', honors RSO Legacy & places the protagonists of Bunbury cricket club into a fictional realm, equating the Bunbury protagonists with the playful spirits of Da Vinci, Solomon & the Norse Pagan Gods of Valhalla! Welcome to an unbounded realm of primal emotion & compassion, where no dream is too likely.  In the spiritual domain of the Bunburys, all actions are bathed in the goodness of the human heart.


Energetic signature of Eric Clapton's Fender guitar.

As we broach the year 2020, the author’s World Vision is that of peace, joy & unity.

Stephanie Lynne has been busy compiling a special humanitarian causes section to raise awareness of these essential charities. Links are placed at the base of this work & in her new Kindle book to Music for the Marsden, Crossroads Centre Antigua, Bushfire Relief.


Image: Sir Barry Gibb captured in spirt as C.S. Lewis' Aslan.


The author supports fellow health disabled authors and artists who may also strive to earn an honest living.  This book is priced reasonably to cover expenses so that Stephanie may continue her creative work. 

When the book is on the complementary Kindle platform, please instead donate generously to the admirable causes supported in this title. 


The #ConsciousCreativity series highlights the plight of humanitarian causes & Mother Earth.

Thank you. x



  Bunbury CC Founders.

“Being There”. 

Humanitarian Healing web commends David English, Bill Wyman, Eric Clapton & friends.

Bunbury CC 25th Anniversary Ball- The Grosvenor, May 2011.

Humanitarian Healing web commends David English, Bill Wyman, Eric Clapton, Sir Barry Gibb, Sir Ian Botham & friends for consistent contribution to humanistic causes- for demonstrating good humour, spontaneity, for caring, giving and always ‘being there’.


Thank you to David & Bill for contributing to Stephanie Lynne’s ‘Labour of Love’ books and for boosting the morale of the Bunbury CC. community.  x

Stephanie presents Bunbury CC. with the ultimate accolade:  her own ‘Crown of Thor’, for fabulous feasts & humanitarian conquest….

Team photo- Bunbury CC, Totteridge, September 2019.

Thank you:  Linda Thorburn.


‘Seminal Bunbury Tales- Crown of Thor’.

A seminal Bunbury Tale, honoring the Bunburys, Thor and the legends of RSO.


See Amazon: 'Seminal Bunbury Tales- Crown of Thor'.

Kindle Edition.


Table of contents: -

 ‘Humanitarian Healing’ web honours Bunbury CC.

RSO Preface: -


Robert Stigwood’s Creative Blessing.

A fashionable Royal Marsden greeting from Bill Wyman.

Gratitude Greeting featuring Janet Bruce’s beautiful flower of life. x


Celebrating The Bunburys & the Gods of Valhalla.


Featured Humanitarian Charities:


Music for the Marsden:

Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Gary Brooker & friends will be

playing a special concer for the Royal Marsden, March 2020 @ O2 Arena, London.

See: Music for the Marsden

Bushfire Relief Fund

Sir Barry Gibb & Dr David English have donated a signed Fender guitar to assist the urgent efforts to address the devastating fires in Australia.

Leukaemia Research- Bloodwise.

The primary charity I like to raise awareness for in support of my work on Bunbury CC is Leukaemia Research.  Sir Ian Botham is the President of this fabulous, dedicated organisation. 


Crossroads Centre Antigua

I commend the work of Crossroads Centre, Antigua, a 12-step plan drug & alcohol recovery clinic.  Founded by Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre utilise a holistic, spiritual approach to whole-person wellness.


World Vision 

World Vision are a Christian charity dedicated to assisting the quality of life of disadvantaged children internationally. 

My #ConsciousCreativity #WorldVision2020 Series honors the efforts of this essential Christian humanitarian organisation.



Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is an author, energy artists & Reiki Master.

Her work is dedicated to music, creative arts and humanitarian healing.

See: Stephanie Lynne- Author's Page.

Labour of love works. x

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