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By the way of spiritual philosophy human minds are integrated by a duality, likely one mind’s two diverse directionally.

One mind is their innate mind beautifully and other mind is their shadow mind in the nature of very ugly.

Innate minds are angel nature to work and think saintly for all humanity.

Inversely, shadow minds are evil & devils nature to work & think brutal and detrimentally.

In the reality, most of the shadow minds are domineering by human innate minds high civilized quality.

Because of their high civilized quality creates a sound and humanly discretional beauty.

In turn, shadow minds cannot implement and expose their suppressed inhumanity.

The people, whose innate minds are weaker than their shadow minds, can do anything brutality for all human ruin, undone and misery.

Due to their lacking of civilizations and cultural decency make them discretion less personality.

Likely all brutes, oppressor, and communal people are provided in this devils and shadow minded community.

Each and every individual of human beings hold both types of mentality to think good, bad, and disorderly.

People provided in the good and angel minded community also thinks worse and badly although cannot expose visibly because of their innate or angel minds strong morality.

On the other, people of the shadow or devils minded never think anything positive and compassionately due to their animal nature originality.

So, the vital differences between two communities are as think but not doing and do accordingly to the point of their thinking practically.

To stronger ones shadow minds to be converting into an angel minds to perform and think everything saintly has to be gone through a long term civilization process to develop all good mental ability.

So, to be a good man or a saint, or a bad man or a devil behaviorally depend ones strong & honest will power and wishes negative and positively.

A good and angel minds are essential to be real human beings for living with proper honor and dignity.

Any individual personality of human beings can’t be living respectfully without humanly honor and dignity due to their best creation conferring by Almighty.

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