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Destiny is a word comprises by seven letters and three syllables as Des-ti-ny and a predetermined event or entitlement for human beings by our natures or Almighty.

Laterally, it has two diverse words as some ones luck or fate believing by their discretional ability.

Whether you believed or not this word’s existence invisibly, it should do your discretional freedom and independency with equal value of others believe spiritually.

Vitally all the people of atheist community never believed in God or Almighty also the word destiny.

But all the people of deist and religious community strongly believed in God or Almighty as their supreme power universally.

According to theological theory and philosophy as a belief that Allah and almighty sent mankind in this earth with their predetermined and programmed life activity.

That’s why most of the people of deist and religious community believed in their predetermined fate or luck symmetrically although many of them can’t survive equally.

By born and naturally all human beings are entitled equally to enjoy all human privileges differently to achieve their destiny respectively.

To integrate human earthly lives seven types of skills and intelligence has been gifted towards human for their different destined higher quality.

No one has entitled more than one special quality as a skill and intelligence to be reached their destiny, fate, or luck variably.

Likely, linguistic skill, Interpersonal skill, intra personal skill, mathematical & logical skill, spatial analysis skills etc are God gifted specialty to reach their destiny selectively.

So, any ones must be alert and aware to find out their special skill and intelligence among their all human quality proper and very definitely.

Anyone can have a good combination of skills and intelligences comprehensively that does not mean he or she can apply all his comprehensive skills to be successful man to achieve any destiny abundantly.

Because of he or she still doesn’t know his/her best quality or strength also weakness definitely.

Destiny must be focused on one specific skill and intelligence centre but not more than one destination to be achiever multi objectivity.

Initial and vitally all achiever must be revealed and explored their best skill or strength to take special cares, hard effort making, and a very good plan to integrate an effective proactive stage to have their destiny finally.

Likely someone has very good mathematical skills and abilities and willing to be an engineer as his or her destiny so he or she has to be gone through all types’ formal mathematical activity until sit for the exams of engineering admission in the university.

So, human destiny does not come natural and easily by sitting idly without making any hard efforts besides all other relevant activities consistently.

For an instance, some ones strong will and wish to be a millionaire by getting a lottery as a fortunate man exceptionally then he or she must be bought a lottery ticket by spending money hardly.

In this event ones strong will and wishes are their definite target afterward collect ticket money crucially and bought a lottery ticket are his or her a big proactive stage to reach in destiny by winning a million dollar from the lottery.

N. B.:  Atheist means the people don’t believed in God or Allah and Religions.

Deist means the people believed in God or Allah but never believed in any Religions activities.







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