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               Where there is birth there is death and no escaped.

No exemption from these reluctances to having exile consequences.

Rich, poor, and extreme powerful king has to be taking the taste of this departing.

All are powerless, helpless, and hopeless to be victimized in this naturalization process.

Arriving in this earth and departing to an unknown world is converse due to their two different types of natures.

Birth is always foreseeable and tangible whereas death is unforeseeable and intangible.

Deaths are all human beings eternity; on the other hand births are human beings destiny.

Deaths are nothing but a transformation process to be converted a visible power into an invisible reformation.

Inversely births are something to be converting an invisible power into another visible or tangible power occurring.

Deaths are always a final deadline to set out somewhere to lonely and alone dweller.

All Births should be delighting matters to be lived in and around others.

Births are by nature, to be accompanied with all positive emotional matters.

 Deaths are universal departure to be left all negative emotional massacres.

Births are take places to be filled out all created appropriate blank spaces.

But deaths are something by going away to be made a heart breaking and painful no filling out blank state.

Births are always a healthy Respiration process to be integrated a good breathing by inhale and out haling pure Oxygen gases.

But deaths are expired respiratory systems to be permanent disabled for no more inhales and out haling take places.

Births are prospective and foreseeable beautiful future to make parents overwhelming and happier.

Deaths are all past memory and history to recall and remember everything to be very sorry.

Births are an unknown long journey to be completed in the end very successfully.

Deaths are always a ghostly dark environment to be having sometimes a panic anxiety depressively.

Births are compared to all spring and summer seasons enjoying days to be charmed and tending.

Deaths are always completion of last stage of life cycle as retirement or evaluation.

Births are all earthly and spiritual conditions to be having accelerations.

But deaths are equal to compared with having no motion to be a new transition.

Births are all human turgid and tending to be remaining always dynamic doing.

Deaths are all human pale looking to be doing nothing.

Births are always vibration and regular heart beating to be having everything genuine.

Deaths are always a permanent static & ceased condition to be having no motion.

Death plus births equal to human life integration programmed and designed by supreme power’s intention.

Births should be a plus mathematical sign to be starting life initially whereas deaths must be a minus mathematical sign to finish everything finally.

So, crossing out the two opposite mathematical signs algebraically for a birth and death laterally, in turn everything become zero equally for not to have any accountability.









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