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Image:  By S.L. Thorburn.  St. Albans Cathedral. 

August, 2015.

'Magna Carta Healing'.

Universal sentience & spiritual sophistry...
By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

I thought I would share with the community some writing I penned today on natural healing & the essence of spiritual sophistry.  The passage contains some fundamental precepts based upon my personal thoughts on issues of Metaphysical Ontology.  Reading back my own work makes me conscious of the rather antiquated and traditional tone of the piece.  I penned this to air some of my personal convictions on human sentience and to offer hope, inspiration & healing to all those who engage with the life force of the work...

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"One unifying & defining aspect of organised religious rhetoric, is the ability gospel sophistry articulates in essence, urging its disciples to

exercise deferral from human gratifications, in an act of deference to the afterlife.  Karl Marx critiqued this social process & characterised religion as a form of 'opium of the people'.  I concur with aspects of Marxian philosophy in relation to the rights of the proletariat- yet deferral of gratifications is a true quality of humility, in a culture of abundance & excess.  Religious rectitude is proof of the human potential- humanity is capable of deferring immediate needs in favour of evoking creativity- the archetypal universal metaphor is that of human belief in the kingdom of Mecca and haven of heaven.  This belief is clear proof of human desire for worship; spiritual gurus are still in vogue.  Spiritual and religious precepts also prove human convictions historically that are symonomous to present day faith in a realm beyond our own transient 3D reality- (see my later chapter on my own constructs of heaven, or 'the graduate dimension': chilled universal chi)....
In quintessence, the modern Integral Human Sciences evoke 'mind, science & spirituality', with emphasis in the nascent Exosciences on charismatic leadership, rhetoric and spiritual sophistry.  We need faith, hope, education and the sanctum of belief in Karma- or the organised logic of spiritual justice and destiny.  My own faith hero is Paramahansa Yogananda- a true orator of egalitarian spirituality, who overcame cultural and religious divisions, to espouse his own individualistic gospel, ultimately founding the Self-Realisation Fellowship- his lifeblood and spirited example as a man and spiritual leader offer a vignette of my own notion of 'spiritual scholarship'.

Spiritual Scholarship.
 The Integral Human Sciences and the Exosciences alike need to aspire to be in quintessence, so much more than mere advocates of the 'scientific method'.  The foundations of these disciplines are philosophically rich & deep rooted.  Integral Human Sciences are based upon not merely traditional facets to 'academic scholarship', rather they are founded in 'spiritual scholarship'.  There is a clear difference; a division that is bathed in the richness of the spiritual way of life.  'Spiritual Scholarship' is a key founding pillar behind my own authored works, it is the foundation of my channelled systems of natural healing.  Before I outline the key facts, universal symbols and spiritual rationale underlying my Reiki,  I will extend my thinking a little further in considering the nature of how we might all enrich our existence and sentient understanding of ourselves, our needs and human gifts through a genuine sense of spirituality.  We all need to be independent thinkers- it is not enough to rely on the previous gospel of our spiritual idols, of life coaches and our gurus- I believe we can all be Existentialist, cultivating aspects of our own future and human perceptions and our very engagement with universal sentience.  My concept of Existentialist Exoscience is based upon these precepts and so are my own original channelled natural healing systems.  Namely, 'Magna Carta Healing', 'Universal Sentience', the foundational pillars of working with Reiki chi & 'Nurturing the milk of human kindness', exploring biofeminism & healing

Essential Maxims- Universal Sentience:  There is little spiritual sophistry in the sustenance of my Reiki healing, rather transferable principles, life force energy and the fundamental pillars of nurturing and hope for human health and spiritual happiness.  This is what determines my own original 'nature healing'.

Magna Carta Healing:  And why is my natural healing system channelled as 'Magna Carta Healing'?  This is due to the currency of egalitarian qualities within its constitution- it is rich in personal empowerment, cherishes liberty, warmth and kindness.  I don't believe in sophistry, I prefer to work with transferable healing principles & skills that enable personal self-actualisation..."

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The inspirational life of Paramahansa Yogananda is captured on the Self-Realisation Fellowship homepage:
"Paramahansa Yogananda has profoundly impacted the lives of millions with his comprehensive teachings on:
  • the science of Kriya Yoga meditation,
  • the underlying unity of all true religions,
  • the art of balanced health and well-being in body, mind, and soul..."

Nb.  This passage is an integral part of my ongoing work 'Existentialist Exoscience'

If you would like a further flavour of this work, some sample content is now available in my 'World Ontology' compendium: -  Enjoy!



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