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'World Ontology':  The 'Thought Matrix'.

As an author, my 'Thought Matrix' series was one of the most profoundly challenging projects to actualise.  I am writing my personal blog on, as I focus on the position of writers & authors in a time of the 'digital matrix'.  On the advent of my launching World Ontological Web & Culture Webs, sustenance for these web bases is found richly within the rhetoric and themes of my 'Thought Matrix' series.  I have also overcome both adverse health and circumstances to compete this work and would like to share a little of the content wisely...

'The Human Matrix', the finale title is totally dedicated to my independent 'Labour of Love' press and the theme of the subjugation of authors & writers in our world of excess.  'Abundance' characterises the postmodern penchant for both exploitation and the devaluation of authors and artists as abundant commodity products, producing frequently relatively cheaply produced text for digital outlets.  Marx's notions of 'capital' and 'surplus value' are re-assessed in my work and the joy & pain of authoring my catalogue of press for artistic self-actualisation is considered philosophically. 

In this post I am offering a crafted overview of my trilogy of work, not as a process of purely PR or self- promotion, but in a sincere attempt to share some of the egalitarian social messages and notions of human sentience and free expression contained in the conceptual schemata of my 'Thought Matrix' trilogy.

Image Kirlian spirit art by S.L. Thorburn, from:  'World Ontology'.  (Pictured:  Waterworlds:  Enfield, UK)

Precis text below, (also shared with CNN i Report community- fully edited, extended and revised for the Authors' community portal.  I will in due course share some excerpts reflecting on writers & artists within the contemporary digital 'matrix' in further posts!).  We need to support one another, at a time of great change and potential opportunity...

Thought Matrix:  Overview.


The 'Thought Matrix' series offers a profoundly challenging cerebral odyssey for those who engage with the work. Here in my personal essay blog, I am offering readers a complete overview of the series, as I complete a project representing a significant lifework, reflecting on complex social, cosmological and ethical dilemmas linked to our culture & postmodern crises.


Enjoy, digest and exercise your prerogative to maintain an open mind and heart when reading this philosophical trilogy!



Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


Founder: World Ontological Web/ Culture Webs.


'Vraisemblance: Intelligent Design', is the first in my 'Thought Matrix' Trilogy collection, offering an assimilation of content honed on supporting the Exopolitics Community. The text is Existentialist in orientation and revisionist, focussing on concepts of sentience, liberty and collective conscious wisdom. A précis description of my work is on Kindle and I also include below links to corollary titles: 'World Ontology', (a work suffused with on Taoist and Eastern Philosophy), and 'The Human Matrix: Magnum Opus'. The Human Matrix, the third trilogy title, integrates both cathartic and exploratory elements. It is primarily authored in celebration of the creative output of my independent 'Labour of Love' press.

Author's Homepage: -

* 'Vraisemblance: Intelligent Design', by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, with special dedication: -


*This text is the first in S. Thorburn’s 'Thought Matrix' series and focussed exclusively on Exoeducation and related resources. Dedicated to author Whitley Strieber, Exopolitics Institute and the Exopolitical community.


Nascence, truth, human fragility and transience are all encompassed within the Exosciences. Exopolitics is revisionist- it explores the historical and contemporary domain of humanity as if contemplating a cultural vacuum of fundamental uncertainty. We cannot assume that the cosmos is governed by Jefferson’s constitution, protecting human liberties and we cannot assume independence or adequate representation outside our own earth and earthly integrated conscious experience. We cannot be certain of traditional Platonic wisdoms. Humanity has yet to make its mark- we have yet to reach our much needed cultural, environmental and social Renaissance or epoch.


The author posits that the fundamental ‘law of the universe’ is structured hierarchically, potentially predatory, whilst profoundly liberating and predicated on collective conscious wisdoms. Stephanie Lynne Thorburn outlines a perspective upon humanity and Exopolitics not previously voiced. She asserts that present perceptions are partial in relation to anthropocentric knowledge of alternative intelligence, worlds, cultures and traditions. Present concepts and popular working models are contemplated systematically by the author in her ‘Exopolitical Exoscience’ collection- with common traits in human cognition biasing the outcome of our reasoning. Human fears, hegemony and the limits of our needs and perceptions shape and express themselves within both arguments for and against the 'alien presence'. Stephanie Lynne’s own story and professional interests are fascinating and the 'Thought Matrix' series explores a little of the interiorised expressive terrain of her own consciousness.... The work is existentialist and supports the view that ‘Intelligent Design’ may well be a result of pro-active, shared, shaped genetic and biological agendas, initiated by sentient intelligences- as yet not fully emergent into popular public consciousness....

'World Ontology': Thought Matrix, Volume 2:


Abstract:- ‘World Ontology’ presents a fluently expressed series of conceptual and philosophical treats for the sentient mind. The text is a vignette compendium of unpublished preview works, combined with excerpts offering a flavour of the author’s archetypal ‘Labour of Love’ World Ontologix titles.


The ‘Thought Matrix’ series focuses on mind, science and spirituality. The three chapters of this book all appraise cogent aspects of paradigmatic science, deconstructions of public discourse and contemplations on humanities’ collective future.... The work is a resource and source matrix of thought and ontological/ epistemological conjecture. 'World Ontology' is assimilated as a sincere collection with open ended intent, designed to stimulate the community of readers and participants within the emerging sphere of ‘integral human science’ towards new contemplations and conceptual understandings of the human condition and human psyche.


-The anthology presents a stark holistic integration of traditional and Quantum theoretical science, framed by potent Taoist philosophies. ‘Thought Matrix’ highlights the social and human challenge fundamentally presented by progressive and at times, counterintuitive wisdoms implied or explicit within nascent humanistic domains. The series focuses on academic credibility and methodology, educational approaches and the overarching ethical dilemmas posed through stretching the human experience towards new paradigms presented by the emerging domain of the Exosciences.


*A progressive etude in the ‘Thought Matrix Study Series’. Authored by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.
An original Labour of Love Publication. Prose, photography & spirit art S.L. Thorburn 2015.


'The Human Matrix: Magnum Opus': Thought Matrix, Volume 3:


'The Human Matrix’ promises to be a bitter honeymoon title and a mercurial odyssey. The writer is offering both a catalogue of her ‘Labour of love’ press and a cathartic insight into the inner workings of labour of love publications. The text is an enticing epicurean celebration of the creative capacity and spirit no less- of human archetypes, human cognition and primal competitive instinct.


Human Matrix is partially autobiographical and addresses aspects of human exploitation & suppression. The magnum opus of this collection is honed on representation of the subjugation and marginalisation of writers & artists, articulated within the irony of the modern digital matrix.


Walking with the human archetypes...
‘Human Matrix’ is analogous with human expression. The illustrated work synthesises effectively creative beauty, free articulation and catharsis. The text narrates the journey of labour of love books, and offers a clarification of the lack of privilege the author has experienced at many levels- she constructs a reflexive monologue to ensure her own Freudian self-actualisation and maturity in face of creative saturation. The prose are ironic, oscillating toward a celebration of the creative excesses Labour of love titles has accomplished- a feat clearly impacting on the material circumstances and spirituality of the author.


Following the ‘Magnum Opus’ element of this text, constituted via an exploration of the catalogue of published works by Stephanie Lynne representing philosophy & music, fictional excerpts are previewed from forthcoming title, ‘From Burlesque to Bohemia’, antiquated style!


Prose and images Copyright S. L. Thorburn . A 'Labour of Love' title in the Thought Matrix series.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


In the next post I will share excerpt content from 'Exopolitical Exosciences'- an emerging integral human science- more than the sum of its parts- 'exopolitical exosciences' aspire to be scientific, whilst maintaining integrity and aspects of human sentience and integrity...

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