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'Mortal Ecology of Soul':  Iconography of SPIRIT.

bY Stephanie lYNNE tHORBURN.

In my Authors blog I am featuring some of my recent Kirlian photography spirit images, focussed on the 'ecology of soul'.  This recent sequence of photos resulted in an exercise I will evoke as the ' serendipity of technique '- I discovered some very unusual soul essences & protective spirit guides perhaps, a little closer to home than I had anticipated! 

All photos are taken by me as soul essences, illustrating my own aura.  I have left organic originals, resonating with Kirlian interpretations for each shot sequentially.

The images will be illustrations for forthcoming text 'Existentialist Exoscience', & fundamental sustenance for  'Magna Carta', my egalitarian healing system  (see previous blog post).  I believe the phenomena illuminates the multi-complexity of our existence- which is multidimensional & articulates simultaneously 'The Human Matrix' of soul. 

My Collection is christened 'Mortal Ecology of Soul' and is dedicated to the nascent Integral Human sciences.

Blessings!  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.  Author & artist, September 2015.

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