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Our holy Motherland Bangladesh is now advancing dynamically by run over all manmade adversity and natural disasters persistently.

All political turmoil and hypocrisies adopted by some so called political parties as committed treasons to destroy this country in all perspectives of socio-economic also It’s honor & dignity globally!

Although they are known as democratic & patriotic parties apparently but in the reality most people of this country know them as anti-freedom parties historically!

In fact, their all aggressive political activities are centre to their personal achievement to be suppressed their all very bad past history they did brutally!

Besides, they are known also “birds of the same feather flock together “as their complementary!

All the convicted & accused personalities of anti-humanity are nothing but a strong collateral of a big party believed in their Bengali nationality for their inherent character communality!

Lying, brokering, corrupting, and oppressing all minority are their honest political philosophy!

Basically, their all political & so called democratic activities are centre to their well off wholly!

Presently all their political movements and aggressive activities are to save all the convicted and accused personalities of anti-humanity & their corrupted heredity!

In fact, they are deceiving with the nation by their various political hypocrisies to satisfy one of the brute nations defeating big shame and unendurable cognitive suffering drastically!

Very regretfully, they are betraying with this great nations and its innocent & honest citizens though they enjoying all citizenship privileges especially!

So, all their personal and political activities did take place and are taking place presently can’t be recognizing to be a patriotic political party honestly!

Committed treasons are those people who betray with their holy Motherland to be satisfied & content other nations in order to exchange of various tangible & intangible bribery!

Significantly, this party has originated from a black h*** illegally by a “by chance & masking freedom fighter” circumstantially!

Basically this Masking & by chance freedom fighter contaminated politics as hypocritical politicks objectively!

Also corrupted this good & innocent nations by accumulating and aligning all anti-freedom brute entity for a long time lordship and supremacy in chronological & sequentially!

One of the best patriot late colonel Taher was brutally killed by this Masking & by chance freedom fighter very cunning and critically but unlawfully.

But by the rule of nature for any brutality, the Masking freedom fighter was killed more brutally by another great patriot & real freedom fighter Major General Monjoor a very intimate friend of Colonel Taher  revengefully.

Moral courage, patriotism, and humanity are/were not as a part & parcel of their political and constitutional philosophy from initial to presently!

When any entity lost its moral courage and integrity then they totally become a Yahoo inhumanly!

They forget that a lie can’t suppressed & veiled a truth, likely light can’t veiled by any dark whatever it is very strong or powerful collectively  because “beauty is truth and truth is beauty” universally!

So, now is their high time to be corrected their hypocritical political philosophy by apologizing and swear to the nations not to make any political hypocrisy ever in the future truthfully!

Otherwise, they and all their aligning entities will be leaving to the garbage bin or to be exiled from this holy Motherland very nearly! 

Post 1975 brutal killing of our Father of Nations and his whole family all anti-freedom entities vitally masking freedom fighters political party tried their best in all ways to demolish and abolishing only one patriotic party (BAL) permanently!

But all their brutal activities as conspiracy, hypocrisy, terrorism, and violation become in vein by the help of universal supreme power, God, or almighty!

People are now very aware about what is right or wrong, lie or truth, by using their learned discretion properly but vitally all the young progenies as second generation and so on are more civilized and dynamically smart to be hold down all committed treasons strongly!

All these new progenies are digital and technological mentality to be remaining absorbs in various technological activities to have a better socio-economic stable lives also their future certainty.

Due to their more advanced civilization and learned discretional ability diverse them from all running political deception and flattery.

Remarkably, the last two decades were the golden time for most of the global nation’s transition of developmental other than traditionally to be coping with all contemporary modern & technological life style comprehensively!

So, should be remember that time has changed in its all dimensions of earthly lives with the changing human attitude by the demand of modern aged symmetrically!

It is to be their smart and wise decision for them to be coping with the mass people’s demands & expectations respectfully by forgetting all past they did hopelessly also to bring happiness nationally! (Incomplete)












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