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Just because I read plenty of digital short stories , novellas and full length novels that have plenty of horror, thriller , suspense, death and mayhem undertones does not mean that I can’t take a back seat from that and enjoy a nice wholesome read on the Amish folks I so do enjoy. Okay, I like their cooking, but so many other people.

Karen Anna Vogel’s writing for me is unique and has a viewpoint and narrative that I have come to quickly enjoy. Her take on the “Plain” people is poignant and very respectful. I love the definitions at the beginning of the read and the recipes at the end. They add a very nice touch to the installments of this digital short story series and for me add to it like a nice frame. The characters she has created seem all too real, they seem to just flow from her, and as a reader that just seems to draw me in more and more deeper into the universe. I just love it. “Wedding Season” is a gem and a peach of a read. If I could, instead of stars, I would give this 5 whoopee or shoo- fly pies out of five, but I don’t think Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, or Goodreads would change that for me. Get your Amish on and give this series a try, it will win you over very quickly.   

Here is the synopsis of the “Wedding Season- Volume 2 of Amish Knitting Circle”:

“A Trestle Press original digital short story series…Amish Knitting Circle…Volume 2…Wedding Season

It’s been three weeks since Granny Weaver started her knitting circle to knit shawls for tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri. She had a hunch that women spun together, like her wool, would be stronger too. At the first circle, Ruth was missing and Granny knew why. Her husband, Luke, was isolating her again. Maryann didn’t come because of her ongoing fatigue. Fannie came, but Granny almost fainted when her widowed son, Roman, seemed to show interest in this twenty-one year old. Granny wanted him to notice his old sweetheart, Lizzie, but he barely gave her a passing look; all his attention went to Fannie. 

It’s Mid-November now, and wedding season is in full swing. Emotions surface in everyone as they see vows exchanged between two people in love. Some are reminiscing over their own wonderful marriages, while others are plowing through this season with dread. The happiness around them only magnifies that fact they’re in an unhappy marriage or lonely, being single. How can the women help each other as they’re spun tighter together in a knitting circle?

This series, available every three weeks, will cover an Amish year. We’ll see women open up at the knitting circle, their hearts encouraged, as they face trials and every day pleasures…together.”

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