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“Find Her” marks the birth of a new digital short story new series and a new action character I really enjoy. Mike Dalmas is the character that Jochem Vandersteen has created and the universe in which he places him is interesting and dynamic. The setting is something like middle class suburbia, yet not, but the action and the hero seemed all too real and cut from today’s headlines.

Mike Dalmas is an ex-Special forces type but with a twist; the guy actually has a wife and kids and has a somewhat “normal” life. Surprise! I love that little twist. The hook in the story is that Dalmas is in debt to some police detectives because they are holding a murder he committed over his head. A murder that was “justified” by killing a truly bad guy. To pay off this debt Mike takes care of some other bad guys that are hard for the police to reach, making him a missile and a force for justice to wipe his slate clean.

Jochem Vandersteen makes this universe and character very believable, infuses him with humanity and humility that I have not seen in other “heroes”. He for me, is unique and engrossing. I just enjoyed the read. My suggestion is get in on the ground floor of this series, one of many that Trestle Press has going right now, and enjoy the action, the suspense, the balance, and the caring nature of a killer and a weapon for justice.

Here is the synopsis for you:

“A Trestle Press original digital short story series by Jochem Vandersteen:

“ Husband, father, vigilante... Mike Dalmas left Special Forces to become a dedicated family man, but when his daughter gets molested he had his revenge, killing the pervert who committed the crime.

Now the Bay City cops keep him out of jail if he takes care of their dirty work. The things their badge won't allow them to do but for which Dalmas has the right skill set.

Mike Dalmas is blackmailed in saving a young girl from a known sex offender. The cops want him to find her before she dies or loses the will to live. The clock is ticking... Will Dalmas be prepared and have what is needed to find her in time?”



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