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schoolhouseLast week, I introduced Noelle and Elijah, two of my taekwondo students, who wrote essays in February on how to use inner strength at home, in school, and in the community. This week, I present their essays on school inner strength.


How can inner strength be used to make school a successful endeavor?

Let's start with this question: what is inner strength? My personal definition for the phrase 'inner strength' is: “the power to resist discouraging problems, doubtful times, and hurtful pain internally.” So how can inner strength be used to make school life a successful endeavor?

In schools, all the problems usually have to do with someone bullying the other. Using inner strength, none of this would even be complained of; so the “art” of bullying would cease in schools. Bullying would disappear because no one would care if they were bullied. There is a chance that if we use inner strength, students in schools would never be offended or insulted ever again! Because they wouldn't care, bullying wouldn't exist.

Some people in schools do show inner strength. My teacher, Miss Van Kooten, shows inner strength like this: when remarks are said during class, she goes on with her lesson like nothing happened instead of exploding. I show inner strength at school, too. When I am told mean things about me, I just absentmindedly smile and shake my head, because I don't care; I just ignore it.

Some of my classmates do this as well. Max H. shows inner strength by trying his best not to let his loneliness/feelings show on the outside when mean rumors or lies are backstabbing him and he knows it. He doesn't care. Rori E. shows inner strength, too. If she is unsure about something somebody just said to her, she brings a graceful smile onto her face and doesn't care what the person said.


How Can Inner Strength Be Used In A Classroom?

What is inner strength? In my opinion, inner strength means “not letting others discouragements or my own doubt keep me from what I want to do.” Here are some answers I have to the question: “How can inner strength be used in a classroom?”

Our class uses inner strength to try and get our assignments done. We will also try to stop talking and pay attention in class, write our worksheets instead of goofing off with our partner that is next to us and we will also be a good class and get rewarded by our teacher.

Some of my classmates use inner strength by not arguing and it helps them get through the day. Like Nathan R, for instance. He uses inner strength to withstand and turn away from peer pressure. Or Rachel B, she has a goal set in her mind and she will get it accomplished by having good grades and focus. My teach, Mrs. Van Donselaar, will be annoyed with us but she will keep us on schedule, which with my class must be really hard! (I mean it!)

If I am in class, I can use inner strength by having a goal to keep my grades high and I can use inner strength to keep them high. I do that by focusing in class, paying attention to the assignments that need to be done and trying my best to not get distracted or distract my friends sitting by me.

Next week: Inner Strength in the community.

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