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I wind up the three part series of essays written by two of my students. This week, they discuss community inner strength.



How can inner strength be used to better our community?

Let's start with this question: what is inner strength? My personal definition for the phrase 'inner strength' is: “the power to resist discouraging problems, doubtful times, and hurtful pain internally.” However, the actual question is this. How can inner strength be used to better our community?

In our community, there are plenty of unfair fights and arguments. If we use inner strength, we can stop fighting/arguing and we can focus on more important things. Think about it – we can STOP ARGUING!

We can also use inner strength for good things. Just getting out of bed in the morning when we don't want to is using inner strength! We can use this in our community, too! If we are discouraged because someone is tempting us, we can show inner strength! We can ignore them and do the right thing; the act that we know would be better to do.

Many people in the government show great examples of inner strength. I can donate clothes to the poor people in the world. That's what God wants me to do. If people see me doing it, they might do the right thing as well. It's called 'good influence'.

My grandmother, who used to be a State Representative, shows inner strength like this: when she feels like she's getting nothing done, she keeps on trying no matter what. Then, to her excitement, she notices that she has nothing left! Our mayor, David Krutzfeldt, makes decisions for our community almost every day. Sometimes people don't like the choices he makes. So he ignores their judgments and keeps on going in life. And that's what we should do as a community.


How Can Inner Strength Be Used In A Community?

What is inner strength? In my opinion, inner strength means “not letting others discouragements or my own doubt keep me from what I want to do.” Here are some answers I have to the question: “How can inner strength be used in a community?”

If the people in my community decide on something they should not turn away in time they should stick with it. Take my grandpa, when he is finished with his harvesting he is usually exhausted, but he still helps his neighbor finish harvesting his fields. Which I think is really nice.

Or the townspeople that take their time to clean the streets and pick up the trash by the highway. Which is also very generous and kind!

The kindhearted people who are tight on their budget, yet they use inner strength and still donate their money and supplies. Again very generous of them to do that!

I can use inner strength by shoveling my neighbors driveway instead of playing in the snow. Or if I am feeling lonely or sad I can think of bright future occasions. Which I think is really helpful!

We all can use inner strength by donating our time, donating our stuff or just getting through hard times! We can also see that inner strength really really helps us through really difficult times or even really really easy times.

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