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Inner-strength-IIIFor a long while, I have putting up a monthly theme at the taekwondo club. I have several posters, large and small, or themes such as Attitude, Courtesy, Respect, and Motivation. I've been through all of them several times. So, for February of this year, I reached out and tried something new. Inner Strength.

I am part of the Karate For Kids program developed by my parent organization. tinytigersvpatchStudents up through age 14 receive a 'V' for Victory patch and they earn stars to go onto the patch. The distribution of the stars (how many and for what) is up to the individual instructor. For my students, I hand the parents a Star Sheet with the idea that they observe how the child exhibits the monthly theme at home (earning blue stars), at school (gold stars), and the community (red stars). I have silver stars for having an instructor come to the school for a presentation or if I see something extra special from the student. Students start with the white patch with the blue trim and after 25 stars are earned, they move to the next patch. For me I may hand out a maximum of seven stars per month per student. After 100 stars are earned, I have created a special certificate. So far, I have given out four of these.

For February, instead of having the parents write down the specific incidents of showing the monthly theme, I had the students write a one page essay on their own meaning of Inner Strength and how it can can be applied at home, at school, or in the community. Two of my students returned three typed pages each and after reading them, I felt they were written so well, I wanted to share them. So, for three weeks, I want to present Noelle's and Elijah's essays on Inner Strength. I think these papers not only show the quality of my students and how they have taken martial arts and the lessons to heart, wonderful parenting, but they also are a wonderful example of quality education that is out there. Noelle is eleven; Elijah is ten. Both are Yellow Belts.

HomeHere are the essays for home/family without edits.


How can inner strength be used to help make home/family life a successful endeavor?

Let's start with this question: what is inner strength? Personally, my definition for the phrase 'inner strength' is 'the power to resist discouraging problems, doubtful times, and hurtful pain internally.' However, the real question is this. How can inner strength be used to help make home/family life a successful endeavor?

In families, siblings usually argue a lot. And some pretty insulting comebacks are said during the argument time period. The siblings cause lots of frustration. How can families fix that internally? They can use inner strength! With inner strength, you feelings will slowly rise, and you and your family will get along much better. Inner strength will allow your family's goal to stop the arguing self-complete.

My family shows inner strength in many things they do, too. My mom, when she gets home from work, is exhausted, and she still is willing to answer our difficult questions. My dad shows inner strength in this way: when we are really annoying, he just ignores us and doesn't quit devoting his time. My brother, Jacob, shows inner strength too. When Noah knocks him down, he gets up and pretends that he doesn't care. My brother, Noah, shows inner strength; like when my brothers hassle him around he resists it and doesn't act hurt. My brother, Elijah, gets teased and pushed around a lot. He just laughs or ignores it. And I show inner strength by thinking of the bright times happening the future when I feel down or in doubt.


How Can Inner Strength Be Used In A Family

What is inner strength? In my opinion, inner strength means “not letting other discouragements or my own doubt keep me from what I want to do.” Here are some answers I have to the question: “How can inner strength be used in a family?”

In families, siblings almost always find something to fight with each other about, physically and/or verbally, like a scratch on the arm, or a mean word, or a kick. Things like that aren't nice to say but we still do them. Sometimes we can say really mean things. To put an end to this, we can use inner strength! We can show inner strength by just walking away, forgiving, or just simply not even minding.

My family shows inner strength too. For example, my mom gets home exhausted from work, yet she still spends her spare time with us. Or my dad, he will get annoyed with us sometimes, but he still plays games with us. My sister gets mad at me and my brothers, but she still keeps her cool.

My brother Noah will get banged around, but he doesn't mind. Or my brother Jacob; he gets hassled around all the time! But he just gets right back up and acts like nothing has happened.

If I'm feeling down, I think of good times. If one of my siblings give me discouragements I can still keep doing what I was doing and not let it bother me. I can also encourage them to read a goal of theirs.

Next week, I present their essays on using inner strength at school.

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