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Initial and Introductory, any implicit attitude or anger are fatally danger than any explicit attitude or uttering anger.

Likely all Institutional and un-Institutional racism, discrimination, prejudice, and inequity exist globally two dimensionally.

All first world and developed countries racism, inequity and discrimination take place through un-institutional and implicitly.

Due to their comprehensive civilization status and cognitive psychologies higher practice and study.

As regards all less developed and developing countries all racism, discrimination, and communality severe and visibly occurring for their lacking of civilization and political less than honesty.

All implicit global racists communities are blaming and convicting all the explicit racist communities by hiding their all communal activities for the sake of implicit and invisibility.

Two main tools of all human racisms are prejudice and discrimination that integrates all human inequity and communality.

To having any negative attitudes towards any stereotype and social community is nothing but a prejudice entity.

But a prejudice in actions and negative behaviors towards any group, society and community are discrimination undoubtedly.

That’s why prejudice is implicit attitude and discrimination is explicit racism activity.

In this perspective one is veiling hypocrisy and other one is non-veiling inhumanity.

During prejudicing racism and discrimination take place in a gentle way by pointing out certain law & orders formally.

But during discrimination to someone a diffusion of responsibility and much hocus-pocus are take place magically.

All implicit racists’ countries representatives are all explicit racists’ countries so called civil society are working through various human rights international organizations or communities for the benefits of very handsome money.

So, all explicit attitudes countries are suppress and dominating by all implicit attitudes countries diplomatic intelligences and conspiracy.

It is easy to predict any explicit attitudes of racisms severity whereas an implicit attitudes severity is unpredictable to be measures its ruin and undone going to be.

As we know that rules and regulations are made to violet and broken their legality in such way all national and international human rights organizations and communities are created to violet and oppress all human rights and humanity.

So, the impact point is the present global ruin and undone are doing and implementing by all types of human diplomacy, conspiracy, and hypocrisy through so called human keepers activity.



Nuruzzaman Sarder






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