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Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christianity initially all are beyond of these different communities and providing neither of a follower.

All are beautiful infants and innocent toddler having only one belief as a community Mother.

Before arriving here all were in a universal heavenly garden naming the womb of Mother as their carrier.

Someone stayed 266 days in that garden those arrive here a little earlier than those stayed 280 days there by the order of almighty Allah or Nature.

But it doesn’t make any differences between them for their arriving as earlier or sooner.

Only almighty Allah or Nature knows which phenomenon is good or better.

During living in the womb of their Mother they didn’t have any different beliefs likely they are having here by their different provider and keeper.

This is why all these different beliefs and communities their heritages are.

None of them are liable & responsible to conceive these relative beliefs and norms to be permanent ever & forever.

After birth and later they are grown up with different attitudes in different family environments teaches by their respective families prime and principal member.

However, different beliefs and communities are actually a multiple ways to reach an indifferent and same destination to be achiever.

The impact point is nothing but a reverse method to be diverging and converging from or to a point united each believer.

Belief is someone’s personal choice or liking as a relative matter that must be value and honor each-other.

This is called human equity to be obeyed and followed as God or Nature’s law & order.

There is no stereotype and racial difference in this global society by the Nature, God, or mankind’s sender.

Black, white, brown or alloy all are God or Allah’s creative choices to be integrate his creations variable permutation and combination to be equalizer.

Likely to be integrated the beauty of a garden various types and different colorful flowers are an essential combination by the garden provider.

No one is exceptional as a superior or better rather all are equal as a human beings valued member.

Color, language, belief, and cultures might be differences due to geographical and climatic variance but there is no difference among all in their genetically matter and structure.

Blood vessels and veins are streaming by the one universal color red blood other than any difference or a similar and dissimilar color.

Cultural norms and worship way of practices are difference but the objectives and aims are same not even similar.

All infants and toddlers feed the breast of their Mothers to mitigate their needs and hunger whatever it is their communities and beliefs conceiver.

Since each and every one has taken the taste of a birth so everyone has to be gone through the taste of a death or departure.

Then who is that superior, better, or best that will be exempted not to have the taste of a death or departure from here to hereafter?

Think thoughtfully and believe strongly as, all are equal, symmetrical, and indifferent in their respective honor, dignity, and human descend or ascender.

Above all black, white, and alloy whatever it is their identified race or communities but all are provided in the same generic or scientific name H***-Sapiens as a genus and species of a order.


Nuruzzaman Sarder









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