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Honor and Dignity the basic Instinct of Humanity,

Mutual respects and coexists are its functional conformity.

Social equity and neighborhoods co-operations are human rights exquisite beauty.

Low power distance and social solidarity are the symbol of good future certainty.

Humanity centered to love and feelings without any conditionality.

Relation with conditionality can’t ensure any relations honesty and integrity.

Love diverges to make many relations of dimensions for their respective objectivity.

Honor, respect, affection, and adore are nothing but a loves homogenous transformation for a social united community.

Mutual understanding and interdependency are humanity’s above all necessity.

Love brings another big love to expand relations intensity.

A deep & big love deviates many times from its centre of origin for a mutual soul’s assimilation permanently.

A faking love pretends much to mitigate all erotic and relevant opportunity.

Devotion and sacrifice not necessarily for fame and popularity rather for innate soul’s extensive self esteem and real satisfactory.

Low context cultures and low power distance make a society, community, and nationality an actionable identity.

High power distance and high future uncertainty divert a nation in a random corruptions and robotic feelings to swallow nation’s future certainty.

Religion practices are to preserve humanity and all human rights globally but not to aggression, racism, and brutal communality.

Political abuse of religion and cultures are the root cause of stressful and instable global society that must be bear down collectively.

Present global consequence of all inhumanity is an ideal symbol of doomsday coming up impulsively.

Killing, mutual suspects, and individualistic philosophy pushing mankind for their selves destruction hopelessly,

That must be executing by the Almighty.

All natural disasters as tsunami, strong earth quake, and tornado are the final warning to be corrected penitently.

Otherwise there is no forgiveness anymore by Almighty or Supreme Authority.


By: Nuruzzaman Sarder/12/20/2013



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