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April) What gave you the idea for Love's Paradox?

Laura) I was crying in a Barnes & Noble. My mom and I used to go all the time. We’d scour the shelves for hours and drink chai tea lattes. Anyway, it was the first time I’d gone back since she unexpectedly passed away. People were staring at this crazy girl crying in the middle of the café. I pulled my laptop free, opened it, and began writing something funny. I had to stop crying, and I knew my mom wouldn’t want me to be so sad in one of our favorite places. At first, it was just about this random girl, out on the town with her friends, trying to fight back against her a****** ex. Many of the experiences the MC went through were things I’d gone through. It felt cathartic to just write out this girl’s story that was so similar to mine. I wrote LP in a week.

April) A week, wow, that’s amazing. Obviously it was the right time to be telling the story, especially for you. Now for my next question: Do you find yourself laughing, crying or have any other emotions while writing your scenes that are linked with your characters emotions?

Laura) My characters, to me, are real. Incredibly so. I don’t like to talk about them like they are characters; I prefer to mention them like they’re people, because to me, they are. I cry with them, laugh, get angry. I wonder if I have multiple personality disorder and, instead of manifesting the personalities through myself, I do it through pen and paper.

April) I think that’s called being a writer, I know I’m like that and so are other author’s I’ve chatted to :D Which leads me onto my next question: How long have you been writing for?

Laura) Since 2009. I quit my full-time job in Sept 2010 after my first book launched. My second book came out right after that. Been writing full time ever since.

April) As far as I can tell it was excellent decision, as I love you’re writing style. For my next question: What do you find helps you get into your writing zone?

Laura) Red Bull, food, and vitamins. Doesn’t take much. I write nearly every day, so it’s not about wanting to write more than a need to write. I crave it. I’m a writer junkie.

April) I don’t think that’s a bad complaint to have, especially when it’s something you not only enjoy doing but also excel at :D So for my next question: Have you had any job that you find helps give you knowledge on certain aspects of writing your stories? 

Laura) I’ve had many, many jobs. I’ve been a scientist, traveled, worked in law offices, oil offices, factories, a Subway, a coffee shop, a custom bike factory, among many other places. Though I was a scientist for the longest (nearly 8 years). Life experience definitely helps with writing, though I find traveling is also a wonderful inspiration spinner.

I like to write intelligent, witty characters, which means I have to teach myself how to be witty myself. That’s a lot harder than it sounds. Some people are naturally funny. I am not.

April) That’s a lot of different and quite a variety of experience. If it helps I think you’re doing a great job of teaching yourself to be funny, your books have just enough to read like an effortless natural funny. So my next question for you is: What was the push that started you on your writing path?

Laura) I wrote fan fiction before I knew there was fan fiction online (I was pissed Stephenie Meyer didn’t finish Midnight Sun, so I finished it for her—don’t read it haha). When I discovered it, I posted what I wrote. I got so many hits and reviews and comments I was overwhelmed (I still receive messages). But there were several reviewers that told me to stop writing fan fiction and write original stuff because they thought my writing was so wonderful. So, I did. The rest is history.

April) You know I’m going to have to go and find and read it don’t you? I’m delighted that the reviewers gave you the push and that you listened to them. Now for my next question for you: On average how many books do you write a year?

Laura) Depends on what’s going on in my life. Last year I wrote 3.5 books. This year I’ve written, so far, only 1.5, really. I plan to write at least two more books this year, so we’ll see what happens. Maybe even 3. GASP! If there wasn’t so many other things involved with writing a book besides writing one, I’d probably spit out 5 a year. I hope to get to that point soon.

April) Yep there is loads of extra things to do with writing books, but still that’s pretty fantastic how much you’re doing a year. So onto my next question: What hobbies do you enjoy outside of your writing, and do any of them give you inspiration on your stories?

Laura) I like to work out and spend time with my puppies. Reading and TV are great inspirations, as they have a wider range of showing a story’s setting. I enjoy traveling the most. I went to Hawai‘i twice in 2012, then wrote a book based there. I loved it so much I couldn’t let it go, even after spending 5 weeks there.

April) I do love traveling, and if I get a tan while doing it even better :D Now for my next question: Did you find it hard in writing some of the scenes, mainly the ones dealing with abuse?

Laura) No. I’ve been through some of those horrible things in Love’s Paradox. Writing them was easier than living through them. However, writing some of the scenes in the Summer Chronicles were difficult. Those were the only scenes I’d ever written from a different mindset. I let myself remember the story wasn’t true, though I never let it change the way I wrote the MC, Summer.

April) I’m sorry you had to go through some of the things you wrote about in Love’s Paradox. I haven’t read the Summer Chronicles yet, and will have to do so, it must be terrible to have to remind yourself that what your writing about isn’t real though. For my next question: Have you started the next book in the series, and when do you think it will be ready? 

Laura) I have notes and plans for book two in the Paradoxical World series. I haven’t started writing, but I will this summer. The title is Defying Gravity, and I would like to release it by December this year. But I make no promises until it’s actually written!

April) Okay fair enough, but you will have to let me know when it’s done as I want to read it :D On this note I would like to thank you for doing this interview with me, and can you now add in your links so everyone can find you and the titles of your books please :D







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